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Lexie heads out Michael's room and once she reaches the doorway, she's gone through the invisible sound forcefield that means she and Mark can have an entire conversation at normal volume and not disturb (physically or emotionally) their patient who is five feet away. Sloane tells her she has no problem talking to him or to her patients, so why not just tell George her feelings? She points out that he's not exactly the one to be doling out romantic advice, but he just tells her that when he likes someone he makes sure they know it, since life's too short to do it any other way. Lexie sucks up her courage and asks, "What if he doesn't like me back?" Sloane tells her that means he's an idiot, and heads off.

Anna and Sarabeth are in Betty's room, where she continues to ask them what's going on. Sarabeth looks exhausted and says that she can't and won't tell her anymore, and Anna agrees. Izzie offers to stay with her and give them a break, so they turn to head out. As they go, Betty calls after them by name and asks if she's in a hospital. Sarabeth tells her there has been an accident, but when Betty asks about Vincent neither can answer. Izzie looks down and responds that her husband is on his way, and for the first time all night Betty looks relieved and happily repeats that he's on his way. Her friends smile sadly, and Izzie comes over to tell them that this is better for her. Sarabeth thanks her, and then turns and takes Anna's hand, telling her, "Let's check on our husbands."

Bailey and Alex are about to start on Michael's surgery but Bailey pauses and tells him that she thinks the clock is wrong. Though it says 2:30, she's certain the time is 11:58 pm and has him change the clock so that it reflects the "official hospital time." Ha! You never doubt Bailey, Alex! You should know that! Once the clock has been changed, she takes the scalpel to begin the surgery.

Hunt is finishing up Cristina, who now is just gazing at him with a little smile. He smiles back and tells her she'd be good in the field. He tells her she should ditch the hospital and go for adventure, asking unbelievingly if Seattle Grace really gives her a high. With sincerity, she admits that it does. Richard walks in and after asking about how he's doing, admits that he called around about him. Just in case we weren't positive about his extraordinary level of badassery, Richard says he heard about Hunt making an operating table out of an exploded Humvee out in Iraq. Hunt responds that you have to be innovative on the battlefield, and Richard counters that you have to be innovative anywhere, and offers him a job. Say yes! I want to look at you each week! Cristina looks like she does, too. Hunt turns him down since he's due to go back and finish up in Iraq. Once Richard leaves, Hunt takes a moment and closes the blinds. He looks over at Cristina, who asks, "What?" "What" is him kissing the hell out of her. She pulls back a second to point out that she doesn't know him. "So?" He then opens the blinds and walks out, leaving her dumbstruck.

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