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Splish Splash
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Last week, a ferryboat went crash, and Meredith went splash. Also, Alex saved a pregnant woman who got crushed by a pipe, Izzie was trying to save a non-pregnant man who was still being crushed by a car, Burke stupidly told Derek he was engaged to Cristina before Cristina had a chance to tell Meredith, George promised an injured woman that he would find her son, and Izzie continued to be rude to George about the fact that he got married to Callie. But the only important thing was the "Meredith going splash" part. We pick up right at the moment where Mere got knocked into the water by her panicky patient.

Meredith voice-over: "Glub glub glub." Actually, we get a shot of the water, superimposed over faint shots of various cast members all looking scared and lonely. Mere's V.O.: "Like I said, disappearances happen. Pains go phantom. Blood stops running. And people? People fade away." We get a shot of the water alone that seems to go on forever. And then Meredith's head emerges from the water as she bobs to the surface. And goes right back under. And then comes up again. Meredith's limbs flail under the water as she waves for help and stares directly at us right on her horizon line. V.O., whispered: "There's more I have to say. So much more. But I disappeared." And with that, she slides under the surface of the oddly still water for the very last time. That scene was scary beautiful and well done, y'all. In grading this episode, I found myself trapped between this opening scene, which deserved an automatic 'A,' and the closing scene, which deserved an automatic 'F.' I ended up just using an average of those two.

We cut from a shot of some last bubbles breaking the surface of the water to Cristina, still back at the hospital and looking preternaturally calm and even slightly worried. A nurse starts to ask her about a patient, and then Nurse Tyler (a.k.a., Hot Nurse, and thanks to the many, many readers who wrote to tell me his real name) does the same. Cristina, of course, has already dealt with both patients. She gives the two nurses some instructions and then asks if either of them has seen Dr. Grey. And then she has to clarify that she's not talking about Ellis Grey, who is scheduled for surgery that day (but whose surgery will undoubtedly be rescheduled due to the emergency, I'm guessing), but about the actual practicing Dr. Grey. Neither nurse has seen her.

George stands in the door of an O.R. while his patient asks him if he found her son. He hesitates, which should clue the patient in that he's a very bad liar, but he goes on to tell her that he found her son and he's absolutely fine and eager to see her after her surgery. The patient is very happy to hear the news. So happy that she ignores the second sign that George is lying, which is that Bailey takes off after him as soon as he walks away from the table. Just outside the O.R., Bailey asks George what he thinks will happen when the patient wakes up from surgery and finds that her son is still missing. George thinks the lie is worth it if it helps the patient to actually survive the surgery. Bailey tells him that he had better have found the patient's son by the time she comes out of surgery.

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