Grey's Anatomy
Drowning On Dry Land

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LTG: C- | 1 USERS: B
Splish Splash

Meredith, flush and with a bit of color on her lips, coughs and wakes up. She sits up. Who's that standing next to her? Why, it's Kyle Chandler, a.k.a. Pink Mist, last seen on this show getting blown to kingdom come. Hey says hello and gives her a hot smile. She asks him, "Am I... dead?" From the other side of her, a voice says, "Damn right you are." Hey, it's Denny. Meredith looks back and forth between the two of them and then, the last word cut off when the camera retreats to the other side of the window, says, "Holy _____." Holy _____ indeed, Meredith. Holy _____ indeed.

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Grey's Anatomy




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