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The Chief, Burke, and Addison look at Crush's x-rays and discuss the upcoming surgery. They're in Crush's room. Addison looks unusually distraught. Burke leaves, and Alex enters. He's there to ask the Chief for advice on what to do with the mob of family members who are looking for information about their loved ones, most of whom still have not been identified. Alex asks if there's some kind of system, and the Chief tells him, "You're the system, Karev." So it's a hot system that occasionally gives people the syph. Got it. The Chief leaves, and Alex asks Addison how Crush is doing. The answer is that they won't know until they get her into surgery. It's not Crush's condition that has Addison upset; it's the fact that she's still a Jane Doe and has no family or friends standing by her side in her hour of need. Addison: "It makes you think. You know, what if I went missing? Would anyone notice I was gone?" Addison realizes how dopy this sounds, and she walks away with a sheepish grin.

Back on the ferry, the guy pinned beneath the car is seizing. One of the Three Burly Friends (kind of like the Three Tenors, except they don't sing and they would probably beat you up if they knew you were comparing them to opera singers) yells at Izzie to do something. There's really nothing she can do, however. They keep yelling, and Izzie keeps explaining that there's nothing she can do. And then the seizures stop. They keep asking her questions, and Izzie snaps: "I'm out of practice. I've been watching for weeks, I've just been watching. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." BF #1 reassures Izzie that she stopped the bleeding, and then tells her that he "believes" his friend can make it and needs her to believe the same thing. Izzie thinks for a second and then asks if any of them have cell phones. Of course, they all do. Because everybody does.

On the pier, Derek walks around and acts very commanding and in charge. He finds some paramedics wheeling a patient along and asks them what's up. It's a guy whose leg was nearly severed, but whose arteries were tied off. Derek exams the wound and asks who tied off the arteries. And then he answers his own question when he sees Meredith's I.D. badge pinned to the coat that is laying on top of the patient. (Her I.D. picture is quite adorable, by the way.) The paramedics know nothing about any "Dr. Grey." Derek lets them go and starts looking around. He sees creepy little Mini-Meredith standing around. He starts to walk towards her but gets waylaid by someone needing his medical help. After he gives some medical instructions, he continues to move towards Mini-Mere, who is surprisingly still standing where he first saw her. I kind of thought they might stretch this out to a fourth episode by having Derek spend an hour looking for the little girl, who would use her creepy serial killer powers to disappear whenever something passed between her and the camera. But she's still standing there when he walks up to her. He asks her if she's okay and then tries to get her to tell him what happened to the doctor she was with earlier. Eventually, he just asks her, "Is Meredith all right?" After a long, creepy pause, she shakes her head 'no.' Creepily.

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