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Drowning On Dry Land

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Splish Splash

Cut to Meredith sinking down beneath the water. Was she wearing her lead weight sneakers this morning? Credits.

Back at the clinic, patients' family members look tired and worried. George is holding the crumpled picture of the little boy he's supposed to find. He starts walking around the clinic and asking if any of the little boys he sees is named 'Chris.' None of them are. George leaves the clinic and Alex enters. He's trying to be unobtrusive, but the people in the clinic have clearly pegged him as the guy to go to for information, so they all start trailing after him and asking him if he's got a new list. As the family members all yell at Alex, Sidney watches from the sidelines. Alex eventually responds to all the screaming by telling everyone to shut up and leave him alone he can take five minutes to figure out how to put patients and family members together. Faced with the use of the word "damn," the family members have no choice but to back off. Sidney tells Alex, "I just want you to know that I understand you're under a lot of pressure. If you, if you just need to sit for a minute, or you need a hand, or a hug... ." Sidney, nobody blames you for trying to wrap your arms around the hotness that is Alex Karev, but does he really look like a hugger to you? While trying desperately not to look Sidney in the eyes, Alex sees a Polaroid camera sitting on a desk. Could that be the answer to his problem? As he runs out of the room with the camera in his hands, Sidney actually looks a little sad. I think she wanted him to use the camera to take some pictures of her, if you know what I mean.

The Chief is in the gallery, watching the prep for some surgery, when his cell phone rings. It's Izzie, calling for advice about how to help her patient. Do you think she just has the Chief's cell phone number memorized? The Chief, of course, has no idea who is blathering away on his phone, which is quite funny because these interns all think they're the center of everyone's universe. She gives him info about the patient, and he asks her when they'll be arriving at the hospital. When she tells him it won't be anytime soon, due to the fact that the guy is still stuck on the ferry, he tells her to stay calm. Izzie: "I can't stay calm. Calm was over minutes ago, calm is gone, calm is an impossibility." Gee, this is just so unlike the levelheaded Izzie Stevens we've all come to know and loathe. Er, I mean "love." She asks the Chief to please tell her what to do. After a very long pause, he tells her she needs to drill some "burr holes." She freaks out, but he tells her that after he looks something up in a book, he'll talk her through it. Izzie: "You're looking it up in a book?" Izzie, maybe you could not yell that out where the patient and his friends might hear you. Just a thought for the next big ferryboat accident. The Chief hollers out for someone to find him a particular neurosurgery text just as Mark walks up. It turns out that Mark has drilled some burr holes in his day. (Once you put Mark into the mix, it all sounds so very dirty.) Izzie listens to the Chief give some instructions, and then she asks the Burly Friends if one of them has a drill. One does (of course), and another one asks her what she needs a drill for. Izzie: "I've got to drill holes in your friend's head." Now it's a party.

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