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Back at the ferry, one of the Burly Friends holds up the cell phone while Izzie preps for the procedure. It's tense, and Izzie keeps stalling by wanting to clean the drill bit some more. And holy crap, are they drilling a hole in a guy's head or hanging a plasma TV on a concrete wall? Because it looks like they chose the very largest possible drill bit. Izzie starts the procedure with an incision and then has to yell at one of the BFs who starts to gag. She tells him that since his friend is not under anesthesia, she needs him to keep it together and hold his friend's head straight. He pulls himself together and she proceeds. And it's tense and gross (especially when she has to stick her finger in the hole to clear out the blood clot). And as she's finishing up, the patient's eyes open. Which sounds like a horrible nightmare to me, but which Izzie and the BFs take as a good sign.

Mini-Mere stands at the edge of the pier and stares at the water. A Coast Guard guy finds her and tells her that she needs to come with him, but she's as creepy and silent as ever. He picks her up to carry her away, and then there's a splashing and coughing sound. Derek carries a very gray-looking Meredith up the gangway at the side of the pier. Commercials.

As the ambulance drives to the hospital, Derek performs CPR on Meredith.

George enters the O.R. to check on his patient. The surgery is almost finished and the patient is doing well. Bailey asks about the son, and George tells her that he hasn't found the boy, either because he's lost or because he's dead and floating around in Puget Sound. Bailey: "So when she wakes up, I get to inform her that she's not going to die, she's just gonna want to die." He apologizes and offers to keep looking. Bailey: "Yeah, you do that."

Out that the hospital bay, Izzie unloads her patient and gives the Chief a status update. She's apologetic for having had to use some guy's t-shirt to dress the wounds (pointing out that he was at least not a sweaty guy) and notes that she dropped the scalpel and was not able to re-sterilize it because she had run out swabs. The Chief tells her, "Stevens, you put a drill through a man's skull and didn't hit his brain. You saved his life." He tells her to get cleaned up and get to the O.R. for the guy's surgery. She's surprised to hear she's being allowed into the O.R., and he tells her that she's off probation.

Izzie makes her way through a jam-packed corridor and finds Cristina re-stocking some supplies. Izzie: "Oh, Cristina, oh my God, you are not gonna believe what I just did. I'm gonna tell you, but you're not gonna believe it, you're gonna think I made the whole thing up." Cristina of the one-track mind asks if Izzie has seen Meredith. Izzie tells the story of the burr holes and notes that she now gets to scrub in on this guy's surgery. (The owner of the drill was named "Vince," by the way). Cristina still only wants to hear about Meredith, but she can't get Izzie to listen to her until she acknowledges that Izzie is a hero and that Cristina is jealous. Izzie hasn't seen Meredith and knows nothing about her location. Crowing about her rock star status, Izzie leaves Cristina to stew in her own feelings of vague concern.

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