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Alex is holding a very large stack of Polaroids of corpses from the morgue. He posts them on the board and asks people to identify any people they recognize. The scene is suitably teary and sad. I'm guessing that the budget for this episode was split equally between the costs of shooting the accident scene and the costs for industrial-size barrels of glycerine. Alex stands at the center of the storm of tears and finally seems to see the corpses as people.

In the O.R., Mark tells Izzie that "they" (presumably including the non-speaking neurosurgeon who undoubtedly is running this surgery, right?) have decided to allow her to drill the additional burr holes they need to start the procedure. Once Mark has removed the covering skin (or something), Izzie will get to "see what a high-speed pneumatic neurosurgical drill feels like." She looks giddy, and clearly takes great pleasure in telling the nurse, "Drill, please." And the bit on this official-looking surgical drill is indeed enormous, so I can't fault them for lack of realism for using the gigantic drill bit on the ferry. But I still hope nobody ever tries to drill through my skull with something that big. (Feel free to insert your own oral sex joke here, if you'd like.)

Back in the clinic, everyone is still crying. Sidney comforts a woman whose husband is dead. Alex looks around until he sees the man whose pregnant wife was missing. Alex tells him that they have two pregnant women. Alex hands him the picture of Crush and asks him if she's his wife. Because she's so disfigured, the man isn't sure, and they have to talk it through before Alex mentions that her eyes are brown. The man's wife's eyes are blue, so he knows Crush is not his wife. The man wants to hear about the other pregnant woman until he realizes that she must be one of the fatalities. Alex hands him the picture of the woman George found in the morgue, and the man breaks down into sobs. And so did you, admit it. Alex looks around at all the people crying around him.

Bailey greets an ambulance and asks the paramedic for the bullet. As he opens the ambulance door, he describes the patient as a Jane Doe who's hypothermic. And then Derek yells out that it's not a Jane Doe, it's Meredith. Derek is still performing CPR, and Bailey tries to find out from him how long Meredith has been down. He doesn't know, and just mutters, "She's alive. She's alive." Bailey directs Derek and the paramedics into the E.R. Commercials.

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