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All Choked Up

It seems that when your girlfriend has cancer that has spread to her brain, you then get the privilege of the week's voiceover. "Surgeons are all messed up. We're butchers. Messed up, knife-happy butchers." Alex is pacing outside a sleeping Izzie's room, probably as agitated as we've ever seen him. He clearly can't bring himself to go inside and when he stops pacing to just stare, the nurse asks him if he wants a cot. He VO's: "We cut people up. We move on. Patients die on our watch. We move on." He tells the nurse he doesn't need a cot and that he's a doctor at the hospital before his voice finishes: "We cause trauma. We suffer trauma."

The music that's been playing in the background, "Little Pieces" by Gomez, is what Callie and Arizona are listening do as they dance around Callie's living room having an awesome time.

Meanwhile, in Cristina's bedroom Hunt is snacking and laughing over the fact that Cristina unwinds by watching two hours of some sort of carotid artery surgery that looks a lot like someone pulling the meat out of a crab leg. What? It's true. And gross. He turns to look at her and realizes that she's fallen asleep, so he lies down next to her and strokes her face a bit before turning out the light. And that's when things get really bad. He gazes at the fan lazily spinning on the ceiling and the music fades away as a whooshing sound that corresponds with the blades takes its place. He starts to doze off and everything goes black for a moment before Cristina wakes up, choking and clawing at her attacker. Hunt is calmly holding her down with his hands around her neck as she flails and tries to get him off. Callie has heard the commotion and knocks on the door asking if everyone is okay, then thankfully opens it up and peeks inside. She yells Owen's name and Cristina is able to break free and then runs into the bathroom and locks herself in, crying and hyperventilating. Owen wakes up and looks down at his hands, absolutely horrified. It's beyond horrible to watch but amazingly acted by both Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd.

The phone rings and Meredith answers it, sleepily telling Cristina she's better have a good reason for calling at 3 AM. But when she realizes it's Callie she sits up and asks, dazed, "What? He what?"

She immediately heads over to Cristina's and knocks on the bathroom, which Cristina finally unlocks to let her best friend in. Cristina then goes and looks at herself in the mirror, mumbling a description of her injuries and says that she's fine as she then turns to her friend. She's got red marks all around her neck, and a horrified Mere wants to kill Owen but Cristina says it was a nightmare. Owen then knocks on the door and begs pathetically to know if Cristina is okay. Mere tells her friend to stop, but Cristina opens the door and orders him to look at her. As he cries, she asserts that he was asleep and that she is okay. She hugs him as he sobs that he's sorry; Callie watches with confusion and Mere glowers at him.

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