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Derek's having a bit of a hard time and swears as he tries to do something. When he asks for a new instrument, Swender pipes up to ask if he's sure he doesn't want something else. It's actually what Derek needed -- he tells her that the instrument he asked for will allow him to do the such and such with the so and so and not hurt the thingymabob, and all the while his voice gets stronger and louder. Having asserted himself, he finishes up his work while Swender glowers.

Bailey then walks out to the gang and reports that they got the entire tumor and Izzie is fine. Everyone is relieved but Bailey glares at the residents and snarls, "Your friend is just fine, no thanks to any of you. Tomorrow, do better." And with that short order, she strikes more fear and obedience than most people can with an entire speech.

Derek is standing somewhere moping when Richard asks if he and Mere shouldn't be out celebrating the successful surgery. He's in full-on wallow and says that Mere turned him down twice. Yes, and after those proposals how could she have done that? He does note that she said she "understands" and "forgives" him like that's nothing. He's contemplating a razor, thank goodness, and Richard shows back that Derek showed Mere his dark side, but she's never struck him as being afraid of the dark. Derek mumbles a bit and so Richard tells him that it was Meredith's idea to have Izzie harvest her eggs, to have a chance at the future. That means she thought that Derek would succeed, and she believes in him. He then leaves, and mercifully Derek starts to shave his neck.

Alex finally goes into Izzie's room where she and tons of her blonde hair are sleeping after surgery. He starts to cry and tells her that he's there as he takes her hand. Bailey walks by in her pretty green scarf and when she notices him, pulls it a little bit tighter around her neck before she leaves.

Cristina finds Owen in an on-call room, of course, and reports that Izzie's surgery went well. Hunt whispers that he wishes there was a way that they could be, and Cristina agrees; he's clearly been thinking about this all day. He stands up and with a cracking voice asks, "Can I hold you?" She walks towards him and they put their arms around each other and eventually kiss. Some sentimental dude guitar music starts and they begin to take off each other's clothes -- holy delicious arms, Batman! Slowly, and with lots of artsy camera angles, they finally do it.

Mere hits the button for the elevator but when the door opens, the Chief runs up and blocks her way, telling her she can't take that one, and she demands to know why not. Why not? Because we're about to experience what Mere-Der fans the world over have been wanting for five years. Because this episode wasn't named "Elevator Love Letter" for nothing. Mere is ticked off but Richard successfully blocks her way until the doors close, and she goes back to hit the button again. When the other elevator dings, he urges her to go on like he didn't just act like a complete freak. The doors open, and a clean-shaven, nicely-dressed Derek smiles at her from an elevator car full of scans and papers taped to the walls, and then invites her in. When did he get the little stripe of grey in his hair? I don't remember seeing it before, but it gives him character. I like it.

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