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All Choked Up

He first points out a set of scans belonging to Katie Bryce, who Meredith remembers. That was their first surgery together, their first save. He then shows her another set from a surgery where he kissed her in the elevator afterward. Next up is a set from the surgery when Bailey kicked Mere out, since she'd caught Mere and Derek hooking up in his car in her driveway. The next set is from a surgery where she held a clamp for seven hours. "That's when I knew you were going to be an incredible surgeon." After that are Beth's scans -- she was the first survivor of their clinical trial and Meredith was the one who convinced Derek to do the surgery when he was too big a baby to want to do it himself. (I'm paraphrasing here.) The last set of scans belong to Izzie, post-today's-surgery. Meredith is beaming looking at them all, and turns back to Derek. He tells her that she gets everyone to move forward when bad things happen, because she's seen worse. When she says she's dark and twisty, it's a strength and not a flaw. "It makes you who you are." He tells her very matter-of-factly that he's not getting down on one knee or asking her a question -- it's kind of pompous and presumptuous, but at the same time sweet enough to be rather fitting for his character. "I love you, Meredith Grey. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you." She smiles and says she wants to do the same, and they kiss. I know this is going to kill the mood, but all I could think during the second half of that was, didn't anyone else need to take the elevator during that entire time? But really, it was a fitting proposal for this couple.

Cristina is in bed with Owen, who seems to be asleep and peaceful. After a moment, she whispers that she doesn't think, and then pauses. Choked up (no pun intended) she tells him, "I can't handle this after all." He asks what she means, clearly worried and she admits that she's lying there with him and she's afraid to fall asleep. I love these two as a couple anyway, but the level of acting in any scene with both of them is just spectacular -- she's just broken my heart.

Alex VO's: "It doesn't matter how tough we are." Hunt is getting ready for a CT/MRI (I cannot tell the difference between the machines whatsoever, they are just loud tubes to me) and he apologizes to Derek for what he said earlier. Derek assures him it's already forgotten, and Hunt thanks him sincerely for helping him before Derek sends him into the machine. Alex: "Trauma always leaves a scar."

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