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Cristina wants to tell Meredith about how Swender has no "vision," but Mere wants to talk about how Cristina's boyfriend tried to strangle her. I think that must be the way Cristina can deal with all of these new charitable feelings she is having, to say Swender has no vision rather than saying she's a robotic, unfeeling cow who doesn't care about her patients' actual well-being. Mere finally points out that, "Hunt literally tried to kill you," adding that he's just back from war and obviously has issues but that it doesn't mean Cristina has to stand by him. Cristina just shoots back that if Hunt had a heart attack or lost a leg, would she walk away? She wants to know why this is different but again, still no mention by name of PTSD. "He's wounded. He has war wounds, Meredith. It's not cut and dried and it's not as bad as you think it is." Yes, yes, yes, and... well, this is pretty bad. I don't think she should handle it as Mere is suggesting, but she's not wrong that it's really freaking bad.

Alarms are blaring -- it's Joyce, and Alex is shocking her while her family looks on hopefully. Of course, this is not the normal hope you hear in this situation -- Tobin thinks it might be it and Luke breathes, "From your lips to God's ears." Joyce comes back, much to their disappointment, and Alex loses it and yells at them if they have any idea how many people are there that actually want the patient to live. "You're a bunch of vultures." JN defends that they aren't, and they all explain that Joyce was given a month to live three years ago. It crushed all of them and they held her hand and said their goodbyes... only to do this about once a month for those past three years. They want to be there when she goes but they're kind of over all of the extra frequent-flyer miles, it seems. As Luke reminds them he's got a big board meeting the next day, the doctors all glare in angry judgment back at them.

Derek and Hunt are sitting outside on a bench and Derek tries to talk to Hunt about the PTSD, the only one to call it such. He tells Hunt that they have found altered brain anatomy in patients of the disease and are a lot closer to understanding the physical side of it, suggesting an MRI. I hope that he also ends up trying therapy because this makes it sound like there's some quick physical fix for the disease. Hunt isn't into talking about it even right now, and just demands to know what Meredith told Derek about the previous night. Hunt's issue is that he came back from war with all of his limbs intact and thinks that this is nothing compared to those that came back injured, or worse. He mentions his nightmares and freezing moments, and Derek cuts in to ask if what happened the night before was "a freezing moment." He offers to help but he's hit too raw a nerve and Hunt lays into him to mind his own business, since Hunt isn't the one that went nuts and now has the whole hospital gossiping. He yells at Derek to spend more time on himself and runs inside. I wish I could lighten this up but the bottom line is this is a horrible and sad situation -- and I'd shoot back to Hunt that if the whole hospital knew what he had done, there'd be at least as much talking behind his back as Shepherd has had.

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