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Derek and the Chief are outside the OR and Richard watches as his star surgeon scrubs in. Mere pokes her head in and when Richard tells her it isn't a good time she hands him Derek's ferry boat scrub cap. "He loves ferry boats." I didn't realize how much I enjoyed not hearing about the freaking ferry boats until that line. May it be the only occurrence for a long, long while. Izzie is inside staring at the ceiling.

Mere is walking away when Derek runs out after her, despite the fact that this means he'll have to scrub in again. He pleads that he's not ready but Mere assures him he is, so he changes his approach. He tells Meredith he needs to know that no matter what happens, he'll have her and basically tells her to say yes. It's a sign of how Meredith really has grown up that she won't let him off the hook like that. "Not if agreeing to be with you forever will make it okay if Izzie dies." She does, however, repeat that she loves him and he can do this. He drops his head, gutted that she didn't accept that fine example of a proposal, but she smiles at him and doesn't show how worried she is until she has turned and is walking away.

Alex, having finally realized that his dying girlfriend might want him around, runs to Izzie's room but finds it already empty.

Derek walks into the OR in slow-mo and when Izzie sees him, he says he'll see her soon. She hopes so, and Bailey cuts in to sharply correct, "Know so." Izzie then says that if something goes wrong -- which Bailey interrupts to say it won't -- the scarf is for her. Bailey sighs because that was a big moment for something painfully obvious and clunky, and Izzie sighs because she's about to have her brain cut up. Derek croaks out, "Beautiful night to save lives," and Izzie nods imperceptibly before Bailey puts the mask over her face.

Callie finds George beating the crap out of some poor, undeserving casts. She knows why she isn't camped out at Izzie's bedside, but when she goes to ask George what's up he cuts her off angrily. He's still angry that he asked Izzie tons of times what was wrong and she ignored him. And... yes, but also? Stage 4 cancer. She was a scared idiot, and being her best friend you should get it. Especially George, of all people -- this is a bit out of character and drama for drama's sake. He yells again about Izzie going to Cristina, of all people, and then Callie mentions, "And then there's the fact that she's your best friend and she might die on you. There's also that." He looks up at her and after a little bit of a struggle she takes the hammer from his hand and tells him they're going to go wait for her surgery to end. George doesn't want to so Callie gets tough and points out that he's why she wished Izzie was dead, so she owes him this. She knows that he really does care if Izzie lives or dies.

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