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Previously on Grey's Anatomy: Derek is married, and his estranged wife Addison showed up at the hospital, which Richard justifies as a business decision. George got the syph and tackled Alex, Burke broke up with Cristina, Cristina is pregnant but hasn't told Burke yet, George secretly loves Meredith, Addie cheated on Derek, Derek tells Meredith she saved him from (emotionally) drowning. (Wow, isn't that ironic given the turn of events in Season 3?) Meredith tells him that's not enough and finds solace in the arms of her old friend tequila. And overall, both Meredith's hair and this show were really, really good.

Meredith VOs about her aunt, who, when pouring anything, would instruct the liquid's recipient to "Say when." Meredith lies down on some hard floor and says, "It's not us, it's them. Them and their stupid boy...penises." Okay, I'm as guilty as anyone of referring to men my age as "boys," but in her baby voice it's actually a tad bit creepy. As I think they were actually going for "funny," I'll try and ignore my discomfort for everyone else's sake. "They didn't tell me they had a wife. They gave absolutely no warning that they were going to break up with you." This conversation is filled with too many penises and pronouns; it's getting confusing. It turns out she is talking to Cristina, who is lying in the bathtub, who slides back the door to see Mere and to clarify that it's not that there was no warning, but it's how he did it. He acted like he was the boss of her and it was all business. Mere points out the frustratingly obvious point that he actually is her boss. But even that isn't Cristina's real problem; her real problem is that she cares about what happened. Meredith hauls herself up and over to inspect the water in the toilet bowl veeery closely. Her VO says that even though her aunt instructed them to say "when," they never did. The voice-over bought her time to catch her breath, and we mercifully don't have to hear her vomit. Cristina announces that the problem is estrogen, but Meredith clarifies that it's tequila. Cristina cries, "He turned me into this fat, stupid, pregnant girl. Who cares! Estrogen!" Wow, typed out, that looks like some very strange form of Tourette's that she's got, there. Onscreen, she sold it without sounding quite so random. Izzie and George come in and join them, Izzie pouring water for Meredith. VO: "We don't say when because there's something about the possibility of more." Meredith says she feels empty, and Izzie answers that two hours of vomiting will do that. VO: "More tequila, more love, more anything. More is better." Oh, Meredith, you, I, our livers and our respective toilets (or wastebaskets placed next to the bed by a great friend) all know that the first part of your statement isn't really true. She says again that she feels empty and Cristina barks, "You're lucky. I feel pissed off," and with that slams the door shut to close herself in the bathtub again. Thunder rolls to dramatically end the scene and take us to the hospital.

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