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Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)

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Scott is in bed when Alex wheels a wheelchair through the door, announcing that the room smells like a hospital.

Burke is back in Bob's OR, and SWIARCM is awfully testy that he's still operating on someone who could likely just die anyway. He and George should start a club! Burke tells him they're still waiting on an answer. Hour and a half left.

Cristina is examining Leah, who wants desperately to talk to Scott. Cristina replies testily that they want Scott to make the decision on his own. Leah says she knows Cristina thinks she's sick, but Cristina tactfully (!) says she just thinks Leah is very emotional, and in that state it can be hard to keep a level head. But she then reminds Leah that her husband killed a man, and nearly Leah and Scott at the same time. Leah just asks Cristina if she's ever been in love. Cristina won't answer; Leah persists until Cristina announces, "Love has its limits." Leah just shakes her head. Oh, if only Cristina had written this as a note to herself and taken it out and read it when a certain little tremor incident occurred months later. I guess it just goes to show anyone can get caught up, but it's aggravating no matter which way you dice it.

George finds Derek and stutters out the story about the organ donor's brain stem still being alive. The two of them book it over to the transplant team, where Derek introduces himself. Practically rolling his eyes at the nuisance, the transplant doctor tells Derek that of course they'll wait until she's dead to harvest her organs. There's a lot of back-and-forth and it turns out they're just going on the word of the doctor at the other hospital, rather than on printed test results, and Derek wants to run his own tests. Burke finally hears a commotion and comes over, acting the big man and asking what's up. I won't give Isaiah Washington much these days, but he's doing a good job showing just how much Burke gets off on playing Chief of Surgery. After a moment's hesitation where it looks like he might not give the patient to Derek solely out of spite, he declares that the patient is his, much to the annoyance of the transplant team. George follows him to assist, and Meredith and Cristina stare after their exes. This is where personal experience comes in, because Burke was such a jerk and is acting like such a blowhard in general that I can't understand why Cristina is mooning over him. But then again, people in glass houses, and all that -- I'm not really in a position, like most women if they're being honest, to deride someone for mooning about an inappropriate ex. I suppose if you really want to nitpick, there's also the matter of her carrying his child. Details! Pish.

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