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Meredith gets out of her car and yells at someone to stop -- it's at Derek, who she says has been stalking her, but he just wants to know if she heard anything he said. "Your wife screwed your best friend," she announces. He explains that that's why she didn't exist to him any more. Yeah, it's as lame an excuse as could possibly be, since he was still legally married to her. Or, as she puts it, "You had marital amnesia." He claims that he bared his soul, but has clearly underestimated the shock and anger one might feel at discovering one's boyfriend bared all of his soul except for the part that was legally bound to another person. She tells him it's not enough; he had two months, and she still learned the news from Addison herself showing up, "all leggy and fabulous and telling me herself. You pulled the plug. I'm a sink with an open drain. Anything you say runs right out. There is no enough." George and Izzie have heard everything, and George says, "She probably could have picked a better metaphor." He picked the joke right out of my typing.

Derek's groveling is interrupted by Burke, who lets him know an organ donor is coming in that afternoon. Because of that he's bumping Derek's surgery, and the two of them get pissy and snipe at each other while Derek also stares longingly at Meredith and the whole gang of interns stare at the two grown men acting like schoolboys. Burke finally orders that this is the way it's going to be, since he's chief, and Derek quickly points out that that's an interim title. Cristina tries not to laugh. As the interns all pile into the elevator, Burke shoots his own Meaningful Look at Cristina as the doors close.

The Emergency of the Week begins to arrive in the ambulance bay. The man that they're unloading was hit head-on and seems to be in a really bad way. The paramedics have been doing CPR for 20 minutes, on top of the 20 minutes it took them to get him out of the car, and they say he's pretty much gone. Bailey announces not until they say so, and orders George to "Take him to an OR and save him." She's so no-nonsense, I'm amazed the victim didn't just sit up and say, "Yes ma'am, things are fine!" She tells Mere to help while George grumbles, "He's dead." His hair is an absolute mess. I'm so glad he finally cut it all off later in the season and looked like he actually groomed himself once in a while. Olivia is with him to help the guy, and they shock him, to no avail. George can't believe it when Meredith says to try again, but Olivia points out (calling him "George") that she thinks it's what Bailey wanted them to do. When she sees the snit he's in, she corrects herself to address him as "Dr. O'Malley." Meredith observes it all and adds, "It's what she wants, Dr. O'Malley," and so they go again, George dragging his heels. It's fascinating to watch this episode again after watching nearly two full seasons since -- George really has matured as a doctor and person, ignoring all of the ridiculous romance drama that we know is coming.

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