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Also different are the establishing camera angles that are used, and there's an unfamiliar shot of the bay as more ambulances arrive. The next guy unloaded was in the car that jumped lanes, and he was wearing no seatbelt. To add to the surely-to-occur hijinks, he's on the transplant list to receive a liver. Burke's going to need to operate immediately, and Izzie is the first to call the case as his intern. Karev is assigned to a boy who was in the accident and Cristina to his mom, about which she's clearly disappointed since there appears to be much less blood and guts in this case. A Random Hospital Dude announces that there's one more. I assume he means one more patient, but where? In the ER? In the hospital at large? It looks like at this point they didn't do as good a job of basing the surgical interns largely out of the surgical wing. Regardless, a patient has a bowel obstruction and won't say what it was, which usually is code for drugs.

Bailey finds Mere in with George and Olivia. She compliments the group on the work that they're doing and asks what their next step is. George wants to just call it, and I can't help but be a little surprised that this is the guy who already has been nicknamed the "angel of death." Is that a nickname you really want to continue to live up to, George? Bailey won't let him do it. She pulls Mere away to send her to Mr. Bowel Obstruction, and George actually seems to be jealous since that guy is still alive. Olivia merely asks, "What next, Doctor?" And roll the actual credits, for what I imagine to be one of the last times they were actually shown.

Derek's examining the Chief, while the Chief tries to swat him away. It's continuing the theme of men-as-schoolboys we've seen so far. Derek insists he needs to do this to discharge him when Adele's voice asks, "What makes you think he wants to be discharged? Derek, don't you know this hospital will crumble unless Richard is here holding up the walls?" Richard is surprised, as she's supposed to be in the Virgin Islands at that moment, but she counters that he's in trouble for having brain surgery without telling her. Seriously, that's got to rank up there on the all-time omissions list. Is it any wonder this marriage later ran into problems? Richard says he didn't want to worry her. That's...sweet? He wonders how she found out and then realizes that Derek called her. Derek yells back that Richard called Derek's wife, and also points out that the only way he's being allowed home is if someone is there to take care of him. Speak of the devil, Addison pokes her head in the door and says, "I thought I saw a fabulous woman walking by." There's a joyful reunion between the unwanted wives, until Adele happily says she always knew that Addie and Derek would get back together. Addison quickly says she's there on a case, and Derek unceremoniously announces that they're over. Addison says they're not divorced, but Derek says they nearly are. When Adele asks if they had counseling, Derek answers, "We had adultery. That was enough." Awkward! Nothing worse than infidelity talk thrown into a happy reconnecting with friends. Adele maintains that Derek should give Addison a chance, but he just kisses her cheek and leaves. Richard looks properly shamed when Adele turns on him.

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