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The boy on whom Alex is working (who is 18 years old, and I am officially old for calling him a boy) asks if his mom is okay. Alex distractedly tells her he thinks so while he takes x-rays. The boy tells him that his parents had been fighting at breakfast. His mom is also telling the story, but her version is very different. Overlapping each other in their respective hospital rooms, he tells a story of his dad getting angry and running three red lights before getting pissed at another driver and losing his cool, landing them in this horrific crash. His mom tells a much more tepid story about husband/dad Bob just being a bad driver who swerved to avoid something in the road. She also mentions that they were having a lovely morning before it all happened, and begins to cry about his bad liver. The son gets in the last word when he finds out his dad is in critical condition in surgery, and coldly declares, "At least the son of a bitch got what he deserved."

In said surgery, Bob has massive injuries. Nameless, never-to-appear-again Other Surgeon tells Burke that with his liver in the condition it's in, there's no point in trying to save his life. Izzie tells them that he's on the transplant list and both his wife and son are in the hospital.

It comes as no surprise, then, when Cristina finds a huge old bruise on Mom, who claims it is from the accident. Cristina tells her that this is a couple of weeks old.

George is still attending to a guy who we now know is the victim of Bob's road rage/loving gentle touch and poor driving. He reports to Bailey that the patient's heart is not beating, clearly over this whole "trying to save a life" thing. She tells George to open up the chest and aspirate, and then if the heart still refuses to beat, to close him up and call it. At his less than subtle, drooping, sullen body language, she asks if maybe he thinks they are defiling the man's body. George: "Well, we're certainly doing more than..." "Than what?" she cuts him off and then continues, "If they're dead or dying when they come through those doors you hump and hump hard." Um. Wow, this suddenly sounds like a very different show from the wholesome family entertainment we've come to expect. Word choice, people! Everyone is 12 years old at heart, or at least I am. She asks him why they do this and, taking her intended and non-dirty meaning, he guesses it's for the experience. Clearly it's not just that, so she tells him to think on it and it will come to him. It's delivered much more patiently than she is in later episodes, but I guess that's because he's still new and she hasn't had time to get completely tired of various intern antics like not really giving a crap about patients when they feel a patient isn't worth their time.

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