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Mere is transporting Mr. Hubble, ingester of mystery objects, and gently trying to find out what it was that he ate. Instead of answering, he tells her she has beautiful features. "Delicate. Almost porcelain." Hmm, might it be that he has a thing for dolls? She asks again and he says that it might offend her, so she asks if it's drugs. He promises that it's not drugs, and she tells him that's good.

"It's drugs!" The lab tech delivers a disgusted Mere Mr. Hubble's x-rays, saying he swallowed at least ten balloons. This is why I'd be a horrible drug mule. I just couldn't bring myself to transport anything that required my swallowing balloons to get them from points A to B. Let's thank my squeamish nature for keeping me on the straight and narrow, I guess.

Bailey and the interns gather for some group x-ray viewing. First up is Alex with Scott's (Bob McRagey's son) films, that show he was lucky and has no fractures or bleeding. Bailey says to keep him overnight for observation. Then Cristina puts up Mom's film. She gets a name! Leah Siebert is 43 and her films cause Bailey to exclaim, "Dayum!" She shows multiple healed fractures, meaning she's "either a bull rider or she's abused." A second film shows the bruising on her kidney that Cristina discovered earlier. Alex says that Scott told him that the accident was a road-rage thing, and Cristina says that's not the story she heard. Clearly, even without confirmation she guessed that it was bullshit. Mom is advised bed rest and possibly psychological help. Meredith then walks in and takes her turn, announcing that Mr. Hubble ingested drugs. They look at the films and explain the revolting surgery that he'll get to have, which includes taking out his entire intestine, locating the balloons, and cutting them out individually. Bailey tells them they'll all be in on the surgery while Alex stares at the film and asks if they're sure the objects are balloons. Because "This one here's got a face." I was so grossed out on first viewing that my mind went to a hundred horrible horror-movie/medical oddity explanations, and I was actually relieved when Bailey realized, "They're Judys! He swallowed the heads of ten Judy dolls." There's a close-up of one of the creepy, x-rayed Judy faces, which look suspiciously like Barbie faces, which they would only be if the Barbie folks had agreed to have their iconic dolls used in the B plot of the week on network television.

At the nurses' station, Cristina kicks back and reminisces about her mom buying her Judy dolls. Meredith wanted and never got one; Cristina dissected them. She proceeds to go on a totally expected rant about how the dolls are sexist and create unrealistic image expectations. Bailey comes in and asks, "You swallow a bitter pill this morning, Yang?" Clearly, these are early days if she thinks this day and attitude are different than any other for Dr. Yang. "They're dolls." Bailey then sends Meredith to look for family, call for psych, and bump someone to get Mr. Hubble into an OR immediately.

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