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Burke then walks into the Chief's office and finds Adele shuffling through files. She explains that Richard needs to take things home to obsess about if he can't do it at the hospital, and she'll be done in a moment. Pat happily waves hello before leaving. Adele then starts to muse about how it's always something when you're Chief, and the work never stops. Burke just sits down at the desk wordlessly and basically ignores her, going through paperwork while she talks. That is, until she mentions her initial feeling of relief when she heard about the tumor. She thought Richard might be finally forced to retire, which perks Burke up quite nicely, and she calls him on it. She sweetly continues that it's something they both want. She then tells Burke he's perfect for the job. "Unattached, obsessive. This hospital, this job, it's enough for you, isn't it?" He still doesn't actually say anything to her, and she walks out. I would think that the Chief should also be able to handle people, which seems to be a significant glitch in his circuitry, but I guess that's just me.

Thunder again ominously rumbles the transition to the next scene, where clearly Izzie and Alex have just told Scott what's going on. Scott muses that counseling has told him not to force the decision, because you'll just know in one moment what's right, and it should be easy. Alex knows that this is a tough position, but Izzie perkily tells him about how the liver regenerates and he'll be hunky-dory in a couple of months. Alex demands to see her outside. I respect that all these doctors at least confront each other in the hall, but they might work on their responses when getting a colleague into the hall. Right now everyone's about as subtle as if they yelled "I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT HOW HIS DAD'S AN ASSHOLE" or the like and then slammed out of the room.

Outside, Alex yells at her for making a sales pitch and also informs her that, as Bob's doctor, she shouldn't even be there. She's confused, which is understandable, as Alex hasn't yet told her what this makes this a situation more complex than a son giving his dad a liver so that they can play catch in the yard and BBQ once more.

George wheels the Chief out of his room and down the hall. Richard gives him instructions to call three times a day and to persist if Adele won't let them talk to each other, as Adele tells him not to call and promises to do just that. A confused George just tells him, "Yes, sir." He may be Chief, but as with the various number of awesome strong women on this show, he seems to know who not to mess with.

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