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In the comic-relief wing, the psychiatrist leaves Hubble's room without an explanation as to why he would have eaten ten doll heads. He muses over a number of possible reasons, including that Hubble might simply enjoy it. Bailey is confused (as am I) and tells him she doesn't understand. He explains that Hubble might enjoy it when they, er, come out. Bailey: "I didn't need to hear that." Neither did I.

Addison sweeps by at that moment and asks to speak to Meredith. Mere shoots Bailey a pleading look, but she wants nothing to do with it. The ladies start a brisk walk down the hall. Oh, how I missed a good pedeconference! Addison wants to talk about what happened between her and Derek, but Meredith wants to be kept out of it. When Addie realizes that Meredith didn't take Derek back, she gives her a condescending "Good girl." Meredith pleads again to keep their relationship strictly professional, which Addie disregards by explaining that people will do a lot to get attention. Meredith has had enough, and when Addie calls, "There are two sides to every story!" she's already walking away down the hall.

Cristina and Izzie are walking to a table in the cafeteria while Cristina fills her in on what's going on with the Siebert family. They get to an empty table and find a centerpiece made of headless Barbie-looking Judy dolls, courtesy of Alex. Then Cristina, Izzie, and Meredith demand that George tell them what's up with Olivia after they see him brush her off when she walks by. He deflects everything they suggest might be an solvable problem until a light goes off over Izzie's head. Man, was her hair this stringy in every early episode? I feel like they keep her a lot more brushed and fluffed recently; she looks more like an average intern in these old shows. Much to George's embarrassment, she says he's interested in someone else, but he's not too embarrassed to profess that his feelings are deep and that it's not just a meaningless crush. This hits a nerve with Meredith (who has no idea she's really the subject of this conversation) and she demands that he then end things with Olivia, since right now he's leading her to believe he's emotionally available. "There is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance when you really don't." Cristina, her own nerve hit as well, agrees that he needs to tell Olivia there's someone else, so she'll know what's actually going on and she'll have a chance to know what she should think about George and the situation. He wants to know why Cristina's yelling, and she tells him, "Because of all the estrogen!" Izzie is scared, and Meredith seethes.

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