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I don't know about you, but even though this is the end of the eighth season, it really doesn't feel that long ago that Richard was giving them an introductory tour of the hospital and speechifying that not all of them were going to make it through, that the OR was their arena, and how well they play is up to them. But man, seeing those old clips, everyone looks so much younger than I remember! Especially Richard, who had much more hair. It seems that Meredith is remembering this moment while she stares up at the sky and trees and everyone else around her tries to figure out what just happened. Mark is up and looking around. Lexie coughs blood into the ground. Arizona is also on the ground next to the wreckage and she's screaming.

At first, Mere seems to be hearing the sound of chimes in her head but finally the sound of a jet engine combined with terrified screaming starts to permeate her consciousness, and then Cristina appears before her and orders her to get up. Meredith can't seem to fully grasp what has happened but eventually looks down and is surprised to see a giant shard of metal sticking out of her thigh. She grabs a shirt nearby to use as a bandage and pulls it out, while Cristina grabs at her shoulder in pain and tries desperately to find her shoe. It seems to be the only thing that Cristina can fully focus on amidst all of the chaos but when Mere starts asking where Derek and Lexie are Cristina yells at her that they were in a plane crash, and that Derek was sucked out of the side of the plane when they hit the trees and then the back part of the plane broke off. Oh, so they were on Oceanic flight 815, then. Meredith reminds Cristina in a panic that Lexie was in the back of the plane which they now can't see. Mere then feels the back of her head and realizes she's bleeding; she's got a pretty sizable amount of blood matting down much of her hair. She finally realizes that there's a rhythmic banging coming from somewhere, and she, Cristina and Mark all run off to find out what it is. They find the back end of the plane and Lexie's hand sticking out from underneath, banging a seat belt against the fuselage to get their attention.

Back at the front of the plane, Arizona tries to sit up and once she does, rips open her pant leg and starts hyperventilating when she sees a piece of her femur enjoying the mountain air. I'd say that's a fair reaction. The pilot, Jerry, then calls out from the cockpit. They introduce each other and then she orders him not to move so that he doesn't hurt himself further. There's not a whole lot he could do anyway since he's been crushed and pinned to his seat. She reports that everyone is alive but then pauses as she realizes she's not actually entirely sure about that. As he asks if they are all surgeons she begins to laugh, but it's that sad, scary giggle of shock and she knows it as she tells Jerry how funny it is that she is married to an orthopedic surgeon and here she is, starting at her own leg bone. Jerry keeps punching himself in the thigh and finally says to her that he can't feel his legs; he knows it's a very bad sign when that is what finally stops her crazed laughing.

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