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Seattle Grace Mercy Death

Callie finds Jackson, Alex and April slumped on benches, trying to fill up on junk food before dinner and lays into them, yelling that this dinner is really important. April stands up and starts to weave a sad tale about how she had a family duck who lived in the house (seriously? I love ducks, but think of the poop!) so she can't eat duck. Callie tells her to order the steak instead, and April is completely stumped by this revolutionary idea. She tries to then talk about their family cow but Callie cuts her off. Callie pleads with them that Richard is so excited, and asks where their sense of occasion is. Alex's is at Hopkins, Jackson's is hanging out with someone who didn't bang his mom and April's fled after she failed the test. Callie has no respect at all for these excuses and reminds them that she was fired as Chief Resident, then fired from Seattle Grace (I seem to recall that it was more her quitting in a huff, but, six of one, half dozen of another when you're trying to teach a lesson, right?) and her husband cheated on her (which was before the quitting/firing but who's counting?) (Besides me...). April takes a moment to be shocked that Callie was married to a man, so Callie uses that moment to add ominously, "Then he DIED." April knew she got pregnant by a man and so clearly isn't totally averse to it, so I don't know that she's allowed quite that level of shock, honestly. Callie's point, though, is that now her life is all puppies and rainbows and that these rough times are just a blip and they should celebrate the moment that is surviving their residency. She had to use the word "survive," didn't she? In case we weren't bludgeoned enough with that, she adds that you need to stop and celebrate these moments because life can change in an instant. For the record, this is the moment that Joe R started getting ultra-worried about Arizona's chances of surviving the woods. After gushing a bit more she concludes that this is their moment, and it only happens once. And, she adds, the duck is freaking amazing. With that, she hits the potato chips out of Alex's hands and leaves.

The day is drawing to a close for the last-day residents who would kill for some food right about now. They pull Mark back to the main crash site and when Arizona asks where Lexie is, no one wants to answer and Mark finally croaks that she's dead. Mere tries to sound upbeat as she announces that they should make a fire, so Cristina hands over their last five matches. Arizona then calls out to Jerry and asks what happened to the four-hour estimate, since everyone knows it's been longer than that. He shushes them as Cristina places a pillow under Mark's head with uncharacteristic gentleness and then screams that there is a helicopter. Those who can immediately jump up and begin yelling and waving their arms, but the trees are obstructing most of their view of the sky. Jerry reminds them about the flare gun so Mere tries to fire it, but it won't work. Derek takes it from her with his good hand and tries to fire it himself, but something is jammed and it refuses to work. In despair, he throws it into the woods as the helicopter sounds like it's flying away.

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