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Seattle Grace Mercy Death

Evening has fallen in Seattle, too, and Jackson and April are getting dressed for the dinner. Without looking at her, Jackson says that he chose Tulane. April is melancholy, but genuinely congratulates him and tells him this will be good; and he agrees but then turns around and tells her he feels sick leaving her. He can't help adding spitefully that he's glad she's so happy about it. April immediately tells her that of course she's not happy, she's not happy about anything including how she's not a board-certified surgeon, not a virgin and not a good Christian. She softens as she admits she loved having sex with him, but hates that she won't be a virgin for the man she married, and she then also hates that he feels bad about it. She has started crying but tries to pull herself together and heed Callie's words that her problems will still be there tomorrow, and tonight is for celebration. In all honestly, one of her problems might be solved and she might very well have a job after all, who knows. She slaps on a smile and says that she is going to be happy tonight, and is he going to suck it up and be happy with her? His nostrils flare in annoyance but he does buck up and whispers that she looks nice. She returns the compliment, he goes and offers his arm to her, she takes it and they head to the saddest "celebratory" dinner of all time.

Outside, Alex is dressed for dinner and decides to call Arizona after all. He leaves her a message and shockingly, it's not really hostile. He tells her that the only reason Hopkins wants him is because she made him into something, and that he has no idea what she did see in him but now has to go see for himself if he's really something when she's not there holding his hand. Awkwardly, he tells her he guesses he's saying thanks, but then he can't help but cop a little attitude as he tells her if she wants to be mad, be mad. "Bye." Well, it could have been worse. Alex is haunted by so much, I couldn't handle him being haunted by a completely shitty message when he finds out his mentor was near death while he was griping about her.

Night has fallen, and by the way everyone is bundled up it seems it is freezing out in the wild even though they have a small fire going. Jerry admits that since no one has come, it means the transmitter was probably damaged in the crash and Derek realizes that if that is the case, they could be out there for days. Mere just stares ahead and finally says Zola's name. Cristina tries to assure her that Owen must have figured out that they are missing, and he will have sent help. Little does she know that the Boise surgeon only has Owen's number and NO OTHER CONTACT WITH THE ENTIRE OUTSIDE WORLD other than Owen's number, which can be the only reason they didn't try to a little bit harder to get a hold of someone in Seattle to let them know that their plane full of surgeons is missing.

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