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Arizona is sitting with Mark's head in her lap and he is devastated that he didn't tell Lexie earlier that he loved her. Arizona tells him she's sure that Lexie knew, but Mark tells her she didn't and I hate to say it, but sadly I think he's right. He gazes up with blank eyes, and looks genuinely next to death himself so Arizona pleads with him to hold on. He wants to go and tells Arizona they will be fine without him, but Lexie is waiting for him. It's too much for Arizona, and she tells him that Sofia, Callie, and she herself are waiting for him, and that they are going to go home together, okay? She doesn't have the energy to yell but her despair is palpable, and finally, Mark weakly agrees. I'm glad, because I genuinely thought this scene was going to be his own journey to the other side. He's definitely not lasting for days if it takes that long.

Owen is sitting in his not-office, looking drained as usual, when Teddy comes in responding to a page. She tries to gently shut down the subject of her leaving and tells him she's happy to stay, and it will be like old times. In response, Owen tells her she's fired. She thinks he's kidding but he tells her that this is effective immediately, and that he knows she has other opportunities. Her smile fades when she realizes he's being serious and she starts shaking with anger, telling him he can't do this to her. Owen coolly tells her that he already emailed the hospital board, and it's a done deal. When she protests, he yells at her that he doesn't want her there anymore, and she should have seen it coming with all of her awful behavior of the past few months. She finally pleads that she thought they were past that, and he tells her that they are, because she's fired. Trembling, she calls him a son of a bitch and storms out. Eerie chimes tingle -- the same chimes that have occasionally rung out over the wilderness crew -- and after a moment Teddy stomps back into the room. They share a long look, and finally she walks to him and he envelops her in a huge hug. They hold each other a long time and she finally orders him to fight for Cristina. He agrees, and tells her to go and be great. As she sobs, he kisses her cheek, and they seem to be kind of holding on to each other for dear life.

Ben is cleaning some things up in an OR when Bailey walks in and immediately starts lecturing him about how he doesn't get to make unilateral life decisions anymore. He can read between the lines, and an amused smile starts to grow on his face which seems to annoy her as she keeps lecturing that he has to do things differently when he's sharing a life with another person. When she asks him if he truly understands that he's no longer a free agent, he grins and asks if this means they are still getting married. She acts offended and claims that she proposed to him; I want to argue that putting on lingerie and a trenchcoat and asking him to ask her again wasn't exactly a proposal, but she wants to be indignant and I'm exhausted by worrying about everyone's lives so fine. She claims that now this is her proposing again and instead of arguing, he grins, teases her a moment, and then sweeps her into his arms. He manages to kiss the glare off of her face and she melts into him. She then asks him for assurance that it's going to be okay, and he tells her it's going to be wonderful. Well, at least until she finds out all of her kids are in mortal danger again, at least.

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