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Seattle Grace Mercy Death

Of course, cut to those residents in the locker room moaning about how much they don't want to go and how jealous they are that Meredith and Cristina are gone (because, you know, they have no idea that they are fighting for their lives, in case you forgot) but April tells them forcefully that they will be at the dinner because she brought clothes for them so that they can change when they get back. April is still in a murderous mood, and when Alex asks Jackson about Tulane and Jackson said he hasn't decided yet with a look at her, she gives him a scowl back that could turn him to stone. Jackson pointedly says that there are still other factors involved in his decision. She tells him he's lucky to leave and asks, when she goes back home, should she make a living milking cows or working at the Dairy Queen? Alex tells her DQ is the obvious choice, and then he leaves. Jackson reminds April that she's still a doctor, but she mutters that he should just go to Tulane and then she shuffles off.

Bailey goes to the ambulance bay where Callie is already waiting, and Ben follows her out; though we left off last week with his confession that he was accepted at UCLA and he sounded all unsure about their future, it seems still wants to marry her as he's trying to convince her that they can be "live apartners." Man, I wish I was making that up. He swears that term is really a thing and there's a wee bit of evidence from Google that this has been used before, but I think he's making it more of a thing than it really is. In my day we called it a long-distance relationship. I suppose giving it a new name might make it sounds more realistically doable than a garden-variety LDR. She's still livid with him and does not sound sure at all that she wants to be an apartner.

She tells Callie about his internship and she congratulates Ben but then sees Bailey's frown and quickly drops her smile. Ben then pleads that there are plenty of commuter marriages, and Callie almost bursts with excitement at the news that they are getting married. She's quickly brought back to earth with another frightful glare from Bailey and warns Ben he should probably leave. Ben goes, calling out as he does that his love can handle this distance. Callie then tells Bailey that a long-distance relationship isn't the end of the world and Bailey thinks she's about to spout a cliché to make her feel better. But instead Callie tells her that distance makes the sex hotter -- she is lusting after her wife, who has only been gone a night, and has planned an evening with new lingerie and flavored body paint for when Arizona gets back. Bailey is relieved to see the ambulance arrive and then goes over and gives a count for the paramedics to then lift him up and out of the vehicle...

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