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Seattle Grace Mercy Death Mark counts down and he and Cristina try to lift the plane off of Lexie. You see how eerily similar the two situations are? Except the one in Seattle is pretty easy and clean and still involves happy people. Cristina can only use one arm since her recently relocated shoulder is being held up with a makeshift sling. The two of them can't even budge the plane and Lexie can't help it and starts to cry. Cristina looks down so that they can see each other's faces, and asks Lexie to run down everything that's wrong. Both her legs and her pelvis are crushed, and she can't feel her other arm, so she can't be entirely sure it's actually there. Her speech is shaky, and she begins to hyperventilate as she adds that her chest feels like it's going to explode, so she probably has a hemothorax, too. Tears run down Cristina's face; Lexie can barely manage talking and both of them seem fully aware just how grim the situation is. I looked up what a hemothorax is because, as you all know, I am intimately familiar with a pneumothorax but not a hemothorax. What I learned is that you really, really don't want a hemothorax. While a pneumo is air filling the chest cavity and putting pressure on the lungs until they can collapse, a hemo is kind of like that, but with blood instead of air.

Mark walks up behind them and frantically starts telling Cristina what she can get from the plane to help -- fluids, oxygen, etc. and when she just gives him a sad look he yells at her, wondering why she's not doing anything. Lexie manages to rasp that it won't help, but Mark tells her she's going to be fine. Cristina leans down again so that she can look at Lexie and whispers, "I'm gonna be right back." Lexie, who is now shivering and you can see her breath, manages to nod her head and grimace. They both know full well what is going to happen and that this is likely a goodbye, but at this point I was still hoping that they'd pull out some miracle.

In Seattle, they are dealing with patients with very similar injuries but it's all so civilized. Callie has to operate on a guy with an open femur while Bailey deals with a patient who has fluid in their chest. While Teddy works away, Owen tells her that he just got a call from someone they knew in the Army. Teddy plays it casual so Owen tells her that this person was asking if Teddy was going to take the chief job at Med Com. Teddy starts to say that she was going to tell him, but Owen angrily cuts her off and yells that he's losing his head of neuro to Harvard already, not to mention a ton of residents, and he can't believe he's losing his head of cardio too. He works up a pretty good head of steam but she finally gets a word in and tells him that she's not taking the job, but just hadn't had a chance to officially turn it down yet. And then Owen angrily asks her what on earth she means, as if he's pissed that she's NOT taking the job. He's got to make up his mind; he can't have his own blackened and burned little anger cake and eat it too.

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