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Seattle Grace Mercy Death

Cristina goes back to the other crash site and pokes around the wreckage, trying to salvage things that can be used to make a splint for Arizona's open femur. Arizona tells her that she can splint herself, but that Jerry needs some spine stabilization. Cristina seems to not even have realized that there was a pilot on the plane too. As Cristina searches the plane and finds tape and the flare gun, he reports to them that they should be found in no more than four hours, since there's a transmitter on the plane that should lead the authorities right to them. Cristina grabs a cabinet door that has fallen and then tapes it to Jerry's head and back as best she can to stabilize him, and fills Arizona in on Derek and Lexie. Arizona yelps as she pulls the belt tight on her own splint. Cristina asks him if there's a first aid kit but when he reports where it is, she finds that part of the plane has gone missing. He admits that he can't feel his legs and begs for reassurance that he's not paralyzed but Cristina just comes over, lifts up a pen, and jams it into his thigh. When he has absolutely no reaction to that, she tells him she's sorry and then finishes gathering up water bottles.

Mere wanders back over to them, in a panic that she can't find Derek. Cristina tries to suggest that maybe he went for help and Mere seems to sort of accept this -- it's probably easier to cling to hope, no matter how weak it is, than to just give up. She tells Cristina she has to go keep looking, but Cristina tells her gently that she should come and help Lexie first.

As they wait for Cristina, Mark lays down on his stomach so that he can be as close to Lexie as possible and he keeps assuring her that she's going to be fine. She keeps trying to interrupt him and finally manages to rasp that she's dying. And I must hand it to Chyler Leigh's acting and the Grey's makeup artists because during this scene, right about at this point, you could see in her face that it was totally true, and we were looking at the character who would be the much-hyped death of this episode. Fortunately my cats can't speak or else they might sell me out and admit that I actually lamented, "Oh no, Lexie!" out loud when I realized it. Despite Mark's protestations, she manages to tell him to tell Meredith that she loves her, and that she was a good sister. Mark still insists that she's going to be fine, to the point where he refuses to take her hand when she asks. But he does jump up and desperately try to lift the plane himself one more time.

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