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When he can't budge it, sad music starts up, and he then gets back on the ground as close as he can and wraps Lexie's hand up in his own. She cries as he tells her that he loves her, and this hurts her more than anything because she thinks he's just saying it because she said it first. But he manages to convince her that he truly loves her, always has and always will. He tells her that she has to stay alive because they are going to get married, but as he says that you can see the life start to ebb out of her. He tells her that she's going to be an amazing surgeon, and they will have kids of their own. She manages to whisper that then Sofia will have siblings, and smiles at the idea. Her chest is heaving now with the effort to breathe, and Mark cries as he tells her that they are going to have an amazing life together, and be so happy. Show, why could you not have done this earlier this year?!? You're destroying one of my favorite couples! He pleads with her in a whisper that she can't die because they are meant to be together, and with her last tiny bit of life she manages to repeat, "Meant to be," before succumbing to her injuries. He reaches out and closes her eyes as he sobs and repeats over and over, "I love you." The girls get back and when they see him lying there, his face in the dirt, holding her hand and crying, they realize what has happened.

Mark manages to get himself into a sitting position and has stopped crying; he just looks like a shell of himself as he sits, still holding Lexie's hand. Next to him, though, Mere is on her knees ugly-crying, her body wracked with sobs as she wails into the forest. Cristina can only sit, shaking her head, and it's at this moment that I realized she's got a ton of blood around her hairline so she's probably sporting some kind of head injury like almost everyone else.

Back at the hospital, Callie has no idea that her wife's femur has made an unwelcome appearance, nor that a co-worker has just shuffled off this mortal coil, nor that looking through a room stocked with copious medical supplies is such a luxury. Alex walks in to rant about Arizona who, it turns out, pulled him off of every single pediatrics case before she got on the doomed flight. He wants to call her, but Callie manages to convince him that he should wait and talk to her once she's back and they both have had a chance to cool off. She then offers him the chance to scrub in with her on her own open femur, and Alex hangs up his phone and takes her up on it. She then brags some more about the crazy sexy evening she has planned for her wife that night.

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