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Seattle Grace Mercy Death

Owen is working with Teddy and Bailey on a surgery and angrily asks why she's turning down the Med Com job. Bailey figures that if she has to listen to this argument she wants to know what it is actually about, so Owen explains that Med Com is the Army Medical Command, which oversees all medical operations in the US and Europe. Bailey is suitably impressed and Owen goes on to list all of the reasons why it's a perfect fit for Teddy, including that they want to fund her stem cell research. He's completely baffled as to why she is turning it down and Teddy is getting angry, but just maintains that she's not leaving Seattle right now. Finally, he calls her loyalty into question, pointing out that her country is asking her to serve. She pauses a moment and then reminds him that they are currently in the OR where her husband died and that every nook and cranny in the hospital has memories of him. She'd love to leave, but her loyalty is actually with Owen since his life is completely in tatters. She cries as she reminds him that he managed to show her kindness and friendship and put up with all of her horrible behavior when she was grieving, so she is not going to leave him now when he needs the same thing. She then puts her head down and tries to get back to work, while Owen gapes and Bailey just looks so very sad.

When Meredith goes back out to search for Derek, Cristina goes with her. Mere is bordering on panic as she yells his name, and Cristina isn't faring any better. She yells about how crazy it is that she keeps nearly dying, and then rants to the heavens about how when they are found, she's getting as far away from "Seattle Grace Mercy Death" as she can and never coming back. Meredith can barely hold it together; now with Lexie dead she's even more worried about possibly losing Derek and is convinced that since they haven't found him yet, something is wrong. Well, even more wrong than just having been in a plane crash and being seriously injured like everyone else. The two yell at each other to try and keep it together, while both teeter precariously on the edge of losing it completely. When Mere asks if Cristina thinks Derek is dead, Cristina cries as she admits she doesn't know, but reminds Meredith frantically that she already has PTSD so she's not terribly reliable. Meredith desperately cries to Cristina that she is still her Person, even if something something something. I can't tell what she says afterwards from all of the crying and panic, but whatever it is she is interrupted by Derek himself, cradling his bloody, mangled wrist. He's so relieved to see them, he mumbles that he heard her voice and thought he was dreaming... and then he falls face forward and passes out.

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