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Cristina goes back to the main site and is frantically digging through suitcases for more supplies when she yelps excitedly, raising Arizona and Jerry's hopes. They are less excited than she is, though, when they realize what she finally found was her other shoe. The two immobile ones are growing pretty dejected, but Cristina has new footwear-inspired energy as she digs through all of the belongings. She doesn't notice that when Arizona starts coughing, she is discreetly coughing up some blood.

She wheels a rolly suitcase over the forest terrain like she's rushing through the shittiest airport in the world, and comes back to where Meredith is trying to wash out the almost comically large gash in Derek's arm. They've got him propped up against a log by the tail of the plane; he asks about Lexie and Meredith says nothing but starts to shake. He's horrified when he realizes what this means, but Mere pulls herself together as best she can as Derek turns and sees Mark is still sitting there, staring at his feet, holding Lexie's hand. Mere tries to keep everyone focused on the task at hand, which is to try and help Derek. He wants her to loosen the tourniquet so that he doesn't lose his hand, and while she argues that it's there to save his life she does loosen it a bit. Cristina finds a safety pin and Derek asks her to bring that and a t-shirt or something similar over. He then explains that they have to use the safety pin to close up his wound. Thank goodness they happened to find a big one then, and not one of the tiny ones I use to keep my wrap dresses from showing a work-inappropriate amount of cleavage. He instructs Mere on what she has to do and then when Cristina asks what the shirt is for, he explains that he's about to scream a lot and probably pass out. No one is looking forward to this, but Cristina puts the shirt in his mouth and holds it there as Mere apologizes and starts tacking together the thick flaps of skin. He screams and screams, and though Mere pleads for him to just pass out, they have no such luck.

Surgery at the hospital just seems so downright boring now. As they all help out with Callie's surgery, Richard tells them he has to leave so that he can pre-order the duck for dinner, since it takes six hours to cook. Callie realizes with breathy excitement that it's the night of the residency dinner and asks to come, but Richard happily tells her that she had her dinner and now it's their turn. The three of them look like they'd rather be anywhere but there (they have no idea that compared to their comrades they are in Heaven right now) but try to fake excitement when Richard asks if they are looking forward to it. He's either choosing to ignore their tones or he's just so excited about his six-hour duck that he can't hear the sarcasm oozing out from behind their surgical masks. When Richard leaves, Alex cracks that he'll give one of the others $10 to stab him in the face. Callie realizes they aren't excited, and she's not happy about it.

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