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Owen walks up to Teddy as she works on a chart and after watching her a moment, says that now he understands why she was trying so hard to get Cristina to stay. He guesses that if Cristina stayed, Teddy would take this job, and she doesn't answer so it seems to be true. That said, I think Owen is being a little simplistic because I think Teddy would have wanted Cristina there anyway if for no other reason than that she is Owen's wife, so she would have wanted them to patch things up because that's what you do for your friends. But Owen can't really tell up from down at this point, so he can only see that she wanted to be able to go. He tells Teddy he'll be fine but she tells him sadly that he won't, because he's losing the love of his life. Owen finally admits that he already misses Cristina terribly, and she's not even gone yet. Teddy tells him she wishes that she could say that the feeling will go away, but it won't. On that cheery note, she leaves him to his thoughts.

Back on the island, Cristina is thrilled to find some matches and Mere is excited to build a fire big enough, she says, for people to find them. Cristina calls to Mark, wanting him to help them out, but he barely even opens his eyes. Meredith and Derek want her to cut him a break but she thinks everyone needs to help out and points out that Meredith just lost her sister, but she's here safety pinning her husband's arm back together. The tenuous hold she has on her emotions starts to loosen as she walks towards Mark, yelling that the one thing she learned after all of the bombs, and guns to her head, and buses running down friends, is that she wants to live. I mean, seriously, can we take a moment to reflect on just how dangerous it is to work at Seattle Grace? This is why my first reaction to the plane crash was to roll my eyes, because COME ON. Though I guess ER still has a leg up on them since they managed to have not one but TWO helicopter accidents involving a single doctor. Cristina marches over to Mark and shakes him but when she does, his head just lolls forward. She quickly checks his pulse, lays him down, all the while begging him to be okay. She rips open his scrubs and is horrified to see that his entire chest looks like one massive contusion, and then hollers for Mere.

And now we get artsy. Cristina puts her ear to Mark's chest and tells them she thinks it's a cardiac tamponade while at the same moment in Seattle, Teddy realizes a patient of hers has the same thing. Cristina can only be 75% sure that she's right but when Mere worries that isn't sure enough, she snaps that Mere can get her an ultrasound, then. And guess who does have a nice, shiny ultrasound and has Owen run it for her? Sure enough, Nameless Seattle Patient's heart is about to burst and in both locations, they know the blood needs to be drained or their patient's heart will stop. While at the hospital they have a smooth, sterile, fucking giant needle, the wilderness explorers decide to use the tube from a bottle of hairspray. On the plus side, they do have an oxygen mask that they can put on Mark, who is almost completely unconscious. They sanitize the tube with some sort of spray that I assume is a hand sanitizer or alcohol of sorts and while Teddy and Owen do a calm and very neat job of cutting into NSP's heart, Derek tells Mark not to move and they cut into him. Because he's not totally unconscious, he tries to jerk away but they hold him down. Both docs have to be careful not to push the needle too deep, which would puncture the heart, but both are careful and manage to find the blood and start it draining -- the hospital into a nice, sterile bag while the wilderness explorers use a big Ziploc. They all heave giant sighs of relief and Derek kisses Mere; they all seem like they are going to pass out while in Seattle Teddy nonchalantly asks Owen if he wants to go grab lunch.

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