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Meredith's voice opens the show with the Theme of the Week. "There comes a point in your life when you're officially an adult. Suddenly, you're old enough to vote, drink, and engage in other adult activities." At Joe's, the camera pans down to show Sydney sipping a glass of wine and looking at...Derek? She asks him flirtily why it is that he chose "the brain." Behind Syd, Mark is sitting at the bar, staring at these proceedings with his mouth hanging open. Derek makes a joke about his magnifying glasses, Sydney obviously points out his sense of humor and adds how much she likes it, and Mark makes the universal "WTF?" gesture in her direction. I think America as a whole would like to know the same thing right now. VO: "Suddenly, people expect you to be responsible. Serious. A grown-up." Syd gets a page, and Mark grabs his drink and comes over while, from another corner, Meredith and Cristina watch the proceedings. Meredith thinks it's a date and asks Cristina for confirmation, who guesses that maybe Sydney is dying. Cut back to Mark, who demands to know, "Is she dying?" Derek tries to defend her and himself, but is slightly too unenthusiastic when he says she's nice and she asked him out. Mark asks if Derek would like him to fake a heart attack. "I do a great fake heart attack." She comes back and Mark leaves, while Meredith laments that, in movies where the hot, sensitive football player kisses the awkward, freaky girl, Sydney is that girl.

Meredith VOs, "We get taller," while Bailey -- not taller, it should be noted -- reaches up and pins up a memo over Callie's name saying that she is the new Chief Resident. Mere continues, "We get older. But do we ever really grow up?" Bailey takes a moment to look at the sign, then starts gleefully pointing at her name and doing a victory dance. So the answer to the question is clearly no, but thank goodness for that, I say, since the world needs more Bailey Victory Dances.

Mere and George are waiting for the elevator, but when it arrives, inside are both Izzie and Derek, who make eye contact with their respective awkward companions. They each turn and walk away to wait for another elevator. George announces that it's come to him and Mere avoiding them, and Mere asks why he's avoiding Izzie. He tells her it's like they aren't them anymore. Only took them a year or so longer than the rest of us to get that one. He tells her that nothing is easy anymore, and they just can't even talk now. Mere then explains that Derek went out with Sydney in what she thinks was a fake date to prove he's healthy and moving on. George asks if she thinks he's actually healthy, et cetera, and Mere just asks to take the stairs.

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