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In Richard's office, Meredith takes a deep breath and apologizes for everything, including keeping him from his job. He assures her there's nothing to apologize for; this is part of his job. "Think of it as the principal's office. Only I'm the nice principal." Yes, he's just the principal that's walked in on you in bed with your boyfriend. He reminds her that he promised Ellis he'd take care of her, and Mere interrupts to repeat that he doesn't have to. "I know I don't. But I do." He hands her a glass of water, and she drinks.

Marcus is out of surgery; he wakes up to see Miranda next to his bed. She goes to leave and he takes her hand, which George sees, so he discreetly heads out to wait in the doorway. Marcus says he wouldn't have made it without her, and thanks her sincerely. It's a nice moment, until he asks if she was able to finish the paperwork, and outside George snaps to attention to listen. Marcus is doing the old "I wouldn't ask, but..." song and dance, saying he thinks a lot of it was important. Well, one of your students is brain-dead and another had major surgery, so yeah, I'd say so. Bailey starts stuttering and assures him that she'll finish it now. He thanks her and says she's the best, and then closes his eyes to both sleep and dismiss her. She self-consciously grabs her hand back.

Outside, George grabs her. "With all due respect, this has reached critical mass." He whisper-yells at her that she saved Marcus's life and he's taking her for granted. He says that Marcus deserves a long speech, and that she needs to go in and give him one. She hands off the chart, looking like she's going to, but then just walks away past George and down the hall.

Lexie, in street clothes, gets in the elevator where Alex is waiting, and pointedly stands in front of rather than next to him, not looking at him. He announces that he doesn't do secrets, or someone telling him something and promising not to tell anyone else. She turns around and says that this wasn't about a school dance; it was a private family issue. And may I remind you, Lexie, that you've been trying to say Meredith is your family since you got here. These two Grey girls really like to switch up the family/not family when it's convenient for an argument. Alex isn't going to take it and announces, "Your dad's a drunk. I had to start cleaning up my dad when I was seven. That's when I turned into the grown-up of the family. So you got to wait till you were 24 -- good for you." Now it's Lexie's turn to absorb her deserved talking-to.

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