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Bailey is pacing in the lobby, and when Derek passes and wishes her good night, she orders him to sit down. He asks if she's okay, and she grouses, "What do you care, with your hair products and your perfect little face, perfect little life. What do you care?" Derek tries to point out that she's a witness to the fact that his life is kind of screwed up, but she cuts him off to say she pays attention to all types of people; she sees people. She spits, "It's guys like you that don't pay attention to people like me." He densely repeats this, and she, near tears, tells him it's not actually about him, it's about guys like him. She says girls like her exist to do guys' homework and build up their egos, and with that, the true story of Marcus comes out. Derek looks sad for her, and she declares, "I am a successful married mother. I am Chief Resident. I am Chief Resident of a major metropolitan hospital. I am a surgeon who saved his life today." She's now crying that he doesn't see her, and she might as well be the girl in high school with the glasses and the band uniform who it didn't occur to him to ask to homecoming. Derek gives her a moment and asks, "Band uniform. Really?" She hits him and asks if she looks like she wants to be mocked. He agrees that she doesn't, and tells her that in high school he was 110 pounds and hadn't yet discovered hair product, so he had an afro and acne. I do believe I remember something akin to this in the fine, fine film Can't Buy Me Love, in fact. "And I too, wore a band uniform. The sax." She looks surprised and admits that she played the oboe, and she collapses next to him. He turns and puts his arm around her and tells her, "I would have been honored to take a girl like you to homecoming."

Mere starts to wrap things up with, "In some ways we grow up, we have families, we get married, divorced..." Izzie opens the front door to find George sitting up waiting for her. He says he was trying to think of a long speech like Bailey would give, but for whatever reason he can't talk to Izzie, which is why he talks to Meredith. She rolls her eyes at him and tells him that they used to be the only people the other one could talk to, which he agrees with. Way to seemingly blame him for everything, Izzie. Glad to see you're going to learn nothing from it at all because clearly you are now perfect. She says she's in love with an incredible guy and they're having problems, and that her best friend would know what to say and she needs to talk to him. George asks why it isn't easier, and says he wants his best friend back, and she agrees. Maybe? Maybe this is finally it? The glorious end? Because with the exception of this, I'm really quite enjoying Season 4 so far.

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