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Mere's VO transitions the scene back to the hospital: "But for the most part, we still have the same problems we did when we were fifteen." Outside, Derek runs after the OR nurse, calling after her by her name, Rose. She's impressed that he learned it and tries to brush him off, but he seems to have absorbed something from Bailey's talk; he stops Rose to apologize for not recognizing her after they worked together for three hours. Too bad for him, she tells him it's actually been 36 surgeries on which they've worked together. "Like I said, hospital's no better than high school." She wishes him good night and leaves, and Mark comes up from behind. "Someone figured out how to get back on the horse." Mark calls, "Could've fooled me!" and walks off, but Derek gets the awesomest last word ever asking, "Hey Dad, want to get a drink?" Mark grabs his chest like he's been stabbed, but has the grace to laugh.

Sydney walks in and greets the two of them at the bar, then asks to talk to Derek for a moment alone. Mark grabs his drink and silently offers his fake-heart-attack services as he leaves. Sydney announces, "Derek, I'm a lot of woman. I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, serve it with eggs or on a sandwich..." Derek looks like he's not sure what to make of this, but is trying not to laugh outright. "Or crumbled up in a Cobb salad." He comments that she does a lot with bacon, and she says it's not just that; she brings a lot to the table and needs a man who can meet her needs. She then drops the bomb: she thinks he's not ready to be that man. He gracefully says she might be right, and she shakes his hand and says she won't let it affect their work if he won't, and he agrees. It's the cleanest breakup after a non-date in the history of this show, that's for sure.

He shakes his head and looks over to see Meredith looking at a menu as she VOs, "No matter how much we grow taller, grow older..." He walks up to Mere and announces, "Apparently I'm not good at meeting needs. And I don't bring that much to the table!" She answers, "I'm awkward and freaky." Her voice-over finishes, "We are still forever stumbling." She asks if he wants to leave, and he practically leaps from his stool, he wants to so much. As he helps Mere into her jacket, he sees Rose across the bar; she tips his drink to him. Mere's VO wraps up, "Forever wondering. Forever...young." And to his credit, after smiling at Rose, he doesn't look back as he and Mere hold hands and walk out, but I don't think that means that Rose isn't going to be another speed bump in the road of Derek and Meredith.

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