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Callie comes down and sees Bailey, and after a moment where Callie seems to take a deep breath and physically swallow her pride, she comes up and congratulates Bailey. Bailey starts to apologize, but Callie interrupts and assures her she deserves the job. At that very moment, Sydney comes up and agrees, and gives Bailey a way-too-long hug that makes everyone present uncomfortable. She then admits she's also a little bit jealous, but that she'll live with it. Only then does Syd seem to notice Callie and she tells her that she's sorry, but Callie very quickly assures her that she's fine.

The residents are all hanging in their lounge when Bailey comes in with an announcement -- she respects what Callie did, but now things are going to be different. Izzie uses a pause to whisper to Mere about how she and George can't even have a conversation any more. Bailey announces, "This will be a professional environment. So your love lives, your hopes and dreams, the little joys and tragedies that make you who you are have no place in my hospital." Iz whispers some more and then Bailey goes on, "The locker room is for changing, not for crying. The on-call room is for napping, not for anything that requires a locked door." She's been reading my recaps! Iz starts whispering again and Bailey asks if she heard a word Bailey said. At the blank stare she receives in answer, Bailey tells her, "Grow up, I believe, is my point." We all know that's so not happening with Izzie, but man was it good to hear them be told all of that. Cristina grabs Bailey and asks if she can make sure she stays on Hahn's service, and Bailey tells her she's already set but warns her not to screw up or make Bailey look bad in any way; like an eager puppy dancing around, Cristina agrees.

Cut to Cristina giving the rundown on a patient without even taking a breath. Unfortunately, she's so excited, she can't see the grimace on Hahn's face, and when Cristina's done, Hahn cracks that she should let other people speak too. Hahn then delivers the worst insult she possibly could -- she tells Cristina that she could learn something from Dr. Stevens, who knows what's going on with her patients but is also inclusive.

Everyone's pagers go off in a tinny symphony, and the Chief tells Derek that there's been a high-school bus crash and a bunch of kids are coming in.

The first patient to arrive is a girl named Patricia who's got a facial laceration, a broken leg, and "trauma to the buttock area." I suppose if you're a paramedic you get to the point where you can say that without giggling since you are a professional. I, however, am not a professional. "Buttock." Hee! She's still freaking out, and Callie tells her they'll take care of her, but Patricia says nothing is happening until she speaks to the head of plastic surgery. She's a charmer, this one.

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