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The next passenger brought in is Marcus King, the chaperone of the group. He's got deep cuts on his arm, and they try to treat him as he protests that they should take care of the kids. At his name, Bailey gets a funny look on her face and goes over slowly to investigate. Marcus explains that the group is from California on a college tour, and their bus slid down an embankment. When they move him, he glances over and sees Bailey and asks, "Mandy?" George looks at Bailey and also asks, "'Mandy'?" No, but seriously -- "Mandy"?

And now for the scenes brought to you entirely by my hearing, because I saw this kid's injury last week on the next-on and I'm still trying to un-see it. We get it, effects team; you're very good, and you have an eye fetish. A kid, Danny, has a pencil STICKING OUT OF HIS EYE. After a few beats while everyone marvels at it, Alex comments, "Man, high school really does suck."

Danny is yelling about "that asshat Sully and his stupid friends!" Whoever Sully is, the driver kept turning around and yelling at them to be quiet, and presumably that's when the accident occurred. Presumably he does not mean the lovable blue monster from Monsters Inc. He'd been drawing a logo when the bus crashed and, as his friend Marissa tells them, "then the pencil went all the way in Danny's eye." Derek comments that he can see that. She asks if she should call his parents but Izzie says they'll do that. Danny starts ranting again about the kids, not listening to Derek trying to soothe him, and finally Derek has to tell him that he has to stay calm to keep his blood pressure down so he doesn't lose his eye.

Marcus -- Principal Wood for you Buffy fans, President Palmer The Second for those of you who watch 24 -- is flirting up a storm with Bailey as she stitches up his arm, and she eats up every word. Maybe she shouldn't have given the speech about growing up and being professional quite so soon. ["Seriously. Woodside is a fox." -- Sars] George asks if he should take over, but she insists that she's fine, and brags that she's Chief Resident. Marcus explains that she used to help him with all of his homework. George then listens to his chest and finally gets Bailey to stop giggling long enough to do the same. Marcus asks if anything is wrong, and she gives George a serious look but then giggles about getting Marcus an EKG and paging Hahn. She goes to leave, and Marcus asks pointedly if she can't finish it; in the most un-Bailey move ever, she decides she can stay after all, and has George fetch Hahn.

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