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Patricia is lying on her stomach on a table while Mark works on her face and Callie and Alex work on her leg and butt. She bitches about needing to be back for the state championships, and when Alex asks if she's a cheerleader, she snottily corrects that she's a "pom." Mark knowingly says, "Cheerleaders just jump around. Poms are dancers!" He then exclaims that he was on the football team. Callie informs her that she won't be dancing for at least a month due to her leg and knee fractures, also informing her that she has a cracked coccyx. Patricia asks what that is and they try to explain that it's the bone at the bottom of her spine, but she finally exclaims, "My ass?! I broke my ass." Callie tells her they have to do surgery, but they can do the leg- and face-fixing all at the same time, and Patricia says Mark better be good. He assures her that he's the best, and on his way out whispers to Alex, "Oh my god, hot cheerleader ass!" and they both grin with 15-year-old delight. Callie rolls her eyes.

Cristina and Mere are in the hallway filled with kids, and Cristina is muttering about learning from Izzie. They're each working on a high-school girl, and in keeping with the theme of actors from multiple shows, Cristina's patient is played by Julia Ling -- Anna in Chuck and Kim from Studio 60. Oh no, I just admitted that I'm the one person who watched that show, didn't I? They're having the most inappropriate conversation in the world when Meredith admits that Izzie and George are already having problems, and this leads to Meredith saying she and Derek are having all kinds of sex but still have problems. The schoolgirls look at each other like this is the funniest and maybe the most awesome moment of their lives. Mere tells them, "You didn't hear any of this," and one of them exclaims, "Oh please." Anna/Kim then pulls out a cigarette like a timid would-be bad girl, and Cristina snatches it out of her hand, rolling her eyes at the idea that hearing all about the docs' sex lives gives them license to smoke.

Alex is yelling at one of his interns for not being able to handle "a few stitches on a wino." The kid explains that the patient is yelling for Dr. Grey and he didn't know what to do, and Alex pulls back the curtain to show that the wino is in fact Thatcher. He laughs and yells that he wants his daughter, and Alex tells the intern to keep him there. The question is, just which daughter is he asking for? Richard has overheard, and pulls Alex aside to tell him to get Lexie and not draw Meredith into all of this.

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