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Alex finds Lexie and tells her he needs to talk to her about her dad, but she angrily informs him that they won't be talking about him now or ever again. "You helped me out once, now it's over." Alex accepts this, and lets her go.

Marcus, arm stitched, is surrounded by clipboards and complaining about having to fill out all of that paperwork, even for kids who just got treated for bumps. Bailey giggles some more while George just stares, unimpressed. Marcus then drops his voice and tries to wheedle Bailey into helping him out, which seems to be something he's good at and, unfortunately, something that always gets her. Despite George saying that patients are supposed to fill them out, she agrees to help. Hahn breaks in to listen to his chest, basically shutting them up, and Bailey starts to -- you guessed it -- giggle like they've been busted by the teacher. Then Marcus starts making faces behind her back, like any respectable 34-year-old would do. Hahn tells him he has atrial fibrillation but that he's not symptomatic, which is good. She tells him they'll start him on meds and do an outpatient workup: "A treatment plan you could have made yourself, Dr. Bailey, if you weren't acting like such a blithering idiot." Sometimes I think Hahn is one-note, but at other times, like these, I think she's awesome. Marcus starts joking that the teacher's pet is in trouble, and Bailey is embarrassed but still smiling.

Alex has paged Mere, and he tells her that her dad is in the hospital, much to her unhappy surprise. Alex tells her unceremoniously that he's drunk and noisy and Mere needs to take over. "I have a broken ass I have to get back to." She protests that he should call Lexie, but he tells her Lexie's not coming -- a little bit unfair, since she doesn't know -- and that he'll call the cops soon because Thatcher wants to leave but shouldn't drive. But Thatcher sees Mere and starts yelling, saying that in fact was the daughter he was asking for.

As Meredith treats him, Thatcher drunkenly says he's sorry for what he said last time he was there, including telling her not to come to Susan's funeral, insisting it wasn't her fault. He tells her he'll always regret it and also calls his drinking unacceptable. Meredith looks skeptical, but it also seems hard for her since she's clearly needed to hear him say, and mean, just these things. He then begins to cry, saying it was Susan's birthday. Meredith asks if he wants Lexie, but he only wants her.

Danny's in the CT while Izzie and Lexie wait in the CT room. Lexie comments about how she never knew what to say to kids like him in high school, adding the helpful info that she was prom queen and class valedictorian. And there she goes again, swinging back from growing on me to just being too stupid to handle. Who says that, years out of high school? Izzie has the same reaction, commenting dryly that she shouldn't spread that around. Lexie adds that she had a great group of friends, something Izzie also can't relate to. Derek runs in to look at the screen, and Izzie comments that the pencil lifted the something from the something I have never heard of. There's also a bleed, and Derek wants the pencil out before it gets bigger, so Izzie books an OR.

Bailey is angrily doing paperwork while George stares silently at her, and she declares that she's not a blithering idiot and Hahn had no right to speak to her like that. George asks if maybe Marcus is more than just an old friend...maybe a boyfriend? Bailey explains that he was a track star and she was his tutor, so she helped him with just about every subject under the sun. George doesn't quite buy it, and she adds there was talk about them going to homecoming together but it didn't work out, and she was fine. "Fine" in this case seems to mean, "And I'm still hurt about that years later, but try to tell myself just how 'fine' I am." She also asserts that she's not a blithering idiot, but her statement is belied by all the clipboards she gathers up containing the paperwork Marcus didn't want to fill out on his own.

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