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Hahn, Richard, and Mark are having lunch, and she asks, "Is it me, or are there teenyboppers staring at you?" Mark turns to see Anna/Kim and her friend looking over and giggling up a storm a la Bailey. Mark declares proudly, "I get that a lot. Started when I was their age, and never really went away." Hahn is actually laughing -- she looks nice when she smiles! Mark indicates that they should come over, and they run up. After lots of giggles and "It's embarrassing," they tell Mark that he looks just like Anna/Kim's friend's dad. Mark has no idea how to react other than slack-jawed disbelief, but Richard and Hahn are rather delighted.

At another table, Cristina laments to Callie how, when she tries to impress Hahn, Hahn hates her even more. Callie's distracted by Izzie standing in line, and Cristina says it's not worth it, exclaiming that they aren't talking to each other now. Callie admits that that actually makes her feel better. The unhappy couple then has a run-in, but Izzie makes up an excuse not to sit with George at lunch, and flees.

Callie helps Patricia get into bed, while three of her friends watch and ask if she'll ever be able to use her butt again; Callie assures them that she'll have full butt use in a few weeks. Patricia looks like she could kill everyone in the room with a single glance. Friend #1 comes up and announces that she's honored to fill in as captain, much to Patricia's horror. But she explains, "I prayed on it. And God seems to think it's the right move." Callie looks nonplussed as Friend #1 goes on to say she called someone named Randy and thinks she convinced him to still take Patricia to homecoming, "even though your face and butt's all messed up." Friend #2 adds that she's sure he'll do it. "He's classy that way." He sounds like he could write an etiquette book, especially with the help of these three. Oh, and God. Callie shoos them away, leaving Patricia in tears. She then tries to commiserate, but Patricia starts to sob that her life is over.

Danny is on his way to surgery, and I can finally watch, since now he's just got a pencil sticking out of a wad of bandages on his face. He's on a cell phone, on his way into surgery, and he and his mom exchange "I love you"s; then he's cut off as he tries to give a message to his dad. He then hands Marissa the phone and comments, "Thanks to your piece-of-crap phone, my mom's gonna think I died." I think it's supposed to be endearing teasing, but it comes off kind of dickish. We're not supposed to take it that way, though, so I'll move along. Marissa realizes this is where she has to wait, but Izzie promises to update her. Trying not to cry, and embarrassed to say so in front of the docs, she leans forward and tells him he'd better not go blind and go to a special blind school because she can't go back to junior year without him. He reaches out his hand and tells her, "Later, freak," and they bump fists, each calling the other "freak" until he's wheeled away. Izzie turns back and looks at her, understanding.

Aaaaagh! Surgery! Blood! Pencil! Derek remarks that he hopes Danny's life gets better after high school, and Izzie tells him that he's got a good friend in Marissa, which is a good start. Derek then comments on how Danny should be able to learn that the cliques go away eventually; one of the nurses observing lets out a chuckle. He asks what's funny, and she says she thinks they aren't as evolved as they think. As he asks if she thinks there are cliques in the hospital, every machine starts ringing, and Danny's brain starts swelling. I saw one second of it when I looked up, and was actually glad to be writing this with the stomach flu; I had nothing left in my stomach to vomit when his brain swelled through the hole in his skull. Thankfully, though, I could watch the rest of the scenes in this storyline because the obscenely graphic part is now over.

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