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Derek and Richard watch Marissa, and Derek asks how he tells her that Danny's going to be in a coma the rest of his life. She sees them and jumps up, but before she gets there, Richard warns Derek that he can't tell her anything, since family needs to be notified first. She runs up happily, and to drive the knife further into Derek's chest, she comments that it's only been a few hours without Danny and she's going nuts. She remarks on all the other kids who are crying in the waiting room like they actually know or care about him. She then asks if she can see him, and Derek just answers that he hasn't woken up yet. She asks if Danny's okay, and Derek tells her he'll let her know as soon as they know something.

In Patricia's surgery, Alex asks if she'll get use of her knee back, and Callie says she hopes so, since otherwise her life is "tewtally over." Callie thinks she should be happy to walk away, but Mark speaks up to say that of course she wouldn't, since the pom thing is her whole identity. Callie nods and tells Alex about the Mark/dad comment, and they have a good laugh while Mark gets totally defensive, asking what that has to do with it. Callie tells him, "Well, you just seem really empathetic to her plight, you know? Loss of identity? Shattered self-image?" Alex says that on the flip side, Callie seems happy about what happened to the girl, so Mark pipes up that she's actually happy George and Izzie aren't doing well. There's an awkward silent moment; apparently she told Mark that in confidence. Why anyone believes that anyone else at Seattle Grace would ever keep any gossip to themselves is beyond me.

Cristina runs up to Hahn with a ton of envelopes; she pulled all the x-rays for the next day's surgery. Hahn couldn't care less and informs Cristina that she doesn't need them, and after a moment, Callie, who has witnessed the whole thing, takes Cristina aside to save her from herself and tells her to back off. Cristina maintains that she's helping but Callie calls it what it is -- brown-nosing, and says she's just blowing her chance by annoying Hahn. She repeats her advice to back off, and after she leaves, Cristina repeats the words to herself, clearly not knowing what they actually mean, as she's never backed off of anything before today.

Thatcher is still babbling while Meredith works on him, but he's moved on to wishing he knew Mere in high school. He then says she's really strong, stronger than Lexie, and Mere jumps in to say she doesn't know Lexie that well. He pushes himself up on one arm to agree, and then to throw Meredith the bone she's been waiting for her whole life -- that he's proud of her. "I'm a lifetime's worth of proud."

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