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Outside, Mere finds Derek and asks about the date with Sydney, which he'd been expecting. She then tells him her dad is in there, and admits he's quite funny and charming and drunk. "Is it weird that I like my drunk dad better than I like my regular dad?" He tells her it is, a little. She then asks him if he's okay, which clearly he's not; he tells her about his patient and how the patient's best friend still thinks he's going to be okay. Meredith reaches over and takes Derek's hand, and he smiles gratefully. See, how hard was that? Why can't Meredith just continue with that, and at least make an attempt at functionality?

Two of the interns are gossiping about George and Izzie, having heard it from Sloane. They marvel over how they're done after not even a week (oh, sure, a week -- even though I'm pretty sure we've actually had more days in the last couple of episodes than just seven, but no one has ever relied on this show for a timeline that makes sense) and Izzie overhears, horrified.

She finds George and demands her key back, given that apparently they're now broken up. Is anyone surprised that George has managed to not hear the rumor? I didn't think so. She demands to know who he was talking to, and when he admits it was Meredith, she says she knew it. George then guesses that Iz has been talking to her as well, but she still tries to pin it on George.

Lexie's walking down the hall when she passes a window and sees Mere and their dad. Alex comes out, and she asks what's up, and he simply says Thatcher came in drunk; that's what he was trying to tell her when she blew him off. Given the fact that she was embarrassed and clearly misunderstood him, I maintain that he didn't actually "try to tell" her. She can't believe he told Meredith after Lexie said not to do anything, and while he defends himself on the grounds that he was trying to help, she just walks away.

Bailey is sitting by Marcus's bedside, filling out his forms and soaking up every drop of a compliment that he'll give her. He fondly tells her that she hasn't changed, but it's painfully obvious by this point that what she hasn't changed from is being his reliable doormat. A flicker of doubt crosses her face, that maybe she would like to think she has changed, but Marcus keeps sweet-talking her until Richard comes up and asks if she's filling out his paperwork, pointedly telling her that's for the patients and sending her back to work. Right then, Marcus calls out, "Mandy!" much to the surprise of Richard, but he can't ask her about it since Marcus seems to be having a heart attack or something similar. Richard yells for Hahn.

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