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The Firing of Meredith Grey

Meredith has finally changed out of her scrubs and back into street clothes, and Derek finds her cleaning out her locker. He's not there for some sort of touching goodbye, though; he demands angrily to know what she said to Janet. Mere is surprised and sincerely tells him that she said nothing, but Derek spits that he just answered a ton of questions about Zola's sleeping arrangements, and that he was told there were inconsistencies with their stories. Well yes. When both of you have decided that lies are the best option, but you refuse to speak to one another to coordinate those lies, that's going to happen. It's extra dumb because Meredith once again, however misguided it may be, was lying to protect the ones she loved who in this case are Derek and Zola. He gets a page and Mere tells him that she'll go talk to Janet but he sharply informs her that she'll do no such thing, and that he will take care of it. Because he's done such a good job of it up until now, you know.

Jackson finally had a chance to re-do Jerry's sutures, and he's wriggling with excitement to show off his work to Mark. They walk over to Jerry's bed and he pulls back the curtain... to reveal a very confused old lady. Mark mocks him some more for now losing a patient and storms off. April then runs up to ask another favor and Jackson snaps and yells at her to do her own work. He also asks where his patient might be and April is thoroughly confused for a moment because her precious board says that he should be right there. After a beat, she realizes that this might have caused a very big, very serious problems, and she yells, "OH NO!" repeatedly as she sprints away.

At that moment, Lexie and Bailey are preparing to do a spleenectomy on some guy named Chuck. Bailey's impatient to get the show on the road, but Lexie actually follows April's checklist and looks at his release form first. Bailey is hovering over Chuck with a scalpel like a starving man over a Renaissance Faire-sized turkey leg, when Lexie realizes that something might be wrong. She tells Bailey to hold up and then finally realizes that they have totally the wrong patient on the table in front of them. She's freaked out and repeatedly apologizes, then is interrupted by April who runs in screaming to stop because this is the wrong guy. Bailey very slowly and carefully hands the scalpel back to a nurse.

Meredith seals the last of her hospital-issue bits and bobs in an envelope and hands them over to someone to turn in for her. Alex sees her and calls after her but when she actually turns to give him a moment, he chickens out and says nothing. Owen is back and calls to Mere to help him out, but Mere just glumly informs him that she was fired. He gets a page and is about to leave but Mere calls after him and blurts out that Cristina hasn't had the abortion; she wants to but she can't because she loves him. She calls Owen out for punishing Cristina for just being the woman that he fell in love with in the first place, and that's something Owen really doesn't want to hear. He tries to get Mere out of his business but she presses on, because she has a rather unique perspective on the situation that has nothing to do with being Cristina's Person. She warns Owen that if Cristina has this child, it will kill her to pretend for his sake that she loves the kid as much as she loves surgery, and that growing up like that will kill the child too. She knows, because she was that kid and her mother was a Cristina. Owen finally sees Danny arrive and runs off, but it's very good food for thought and one of the more sensible things Mere has done in the past few episodes, even if it is betraying Cristina's confidence a little bit.

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