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The Firing of Meredith Grey

April runs after a fuming Bailey, trying to blame the others for not updating the board as they should have done. But what's extra galling is when April tries to put a positive spin on the situation -- the wrong surgery was stopped in time because of a checklist that she implemented! She realizes quickly that this wasn't a good approach to take and tells Bailey to go ahead and yell at her, but Bailey is so mad she is beyond words, and can only gesticulate a little bit in April's direction before the elevator doors close between them.

Cristina is working on putting in a chest tube while Teddy peppers her with more questions. Finally, Cristina spits that the reason she's doing things a certain way is because she's a fifth-year resident who knows what she is doing already. Teddy finally explains her actions and tells Cristina that she's treating her like a first-year student now because she bets that no one else ever did, and while Cristina was allowed to do all sorts of advanced procedures, Teddy thinks she may have skipped some of the basics. Teddy somehow relates this to her now having a happy personal life -- she now sees that Cristina's arrogance isn't her fault but rather the fault of all of the people who let her skip the easy steps. It doesn't really hold together but it's an interesting idea so let's go with it. She adds that she thinks Cristina could perform heart surgery but can't actually articulate why she chooses one size chest tube over another. Cristina obviously wants to argue, but her silence proves Teddy's point quite handily.

Richard is in his office, fighting with someone on the phone to try and get them to consider Meredith for a job. But his efforts obviously fail, and his mood isn't helped when Alex walks in as soon as he hangs up the phone. Alex tells Richard that Meredith can't just have any job, she needs this job. He then offers to talk to the Board and suggests maybe he was wrong about what he saw or that he lied. Richard sees what he's doing and softens, telling Alex he can't let him say that. Alex spits back that he can, but Richard just replies sadly that what happened isn't on Alex. Alex, though, believes it's entirely on him, and he then leaves to answer a page.

Jackson finally located Jerry, and Mark looks at his sutures and tells Jerry they look great. Jackson is beaming but once the guys are (totally not, but supposedly) out of Jerry's earshot Mark tells him the job is better but not good. Jackson is surprised that Mark told Jerry it looked great, then, but Mark points out that Jerry's son is in surgery so he needs a little bit of good news -- especially now that he's going to have a scar for the rest of his life. Eh, take it from me, scars add character. Mark sends Jackson to go check on Nicky's surgery, but Jackson gets a page and goes to answer it instead.

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