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The Firing of Meredith Grey

It turns out that Bailey paged all of the fifth years, and April is not totally unrealistic with her worry that they are all about to get fired. The four of them fight as they make their way down the hall and fall into line behind Bailey, who starts going from bed to bed reading everyone's charts. None of the residents have any idea what is going on, especially when Bailey gets to Susannah's room and seems to find what she was looking for. She tells Callie this could be a Gunther. Callie's surprised but kind of excited about whatever a Gunther might be; though she also seems skeptical that this group of misfits can handle it. Bailey just tells her that they need it.

Mere, meanwhile, gets a message from Janet and has the sense to at least answer it rather than leave her hanging and angry while waiting for Derek and his superpowers to save the day. Janet wants to speak to them both but Meredith tells her that his surgery could take hours, so she wants to know what's going on now. Janet reluctantly admits that after all of the weirdness of the morning, she made some calls and discovered that Mere was fired and she and Derek aren't even living together, which was an extra-bad discovery because Meredith obviously withheld all of this information deliberately. Mere says she can explain but Janet cuts her off; it's too little, too late, though Mere seems determined not to realize that. Mere wants to know what the worst thing is that could happen, but Janet refuses to discuss it. When Mere asks for confirmation that at least they can't take Zola away, Janet refuses to discuss it. Meredith finally says that since this is urgent, she'll go get Derek out of surgery right now.

She walks quickly down the hall in the basement, as her voiceover asks questions about if your marriage can weather a storm. There's a not-convincing fakeout that Derek might be glad to see her when she walks in the OR, and it's not surprising at all that he's actually talking to Arizona and that Mere doesn't seem to have gone to find him after all. She's walking down an unending maze of corridors, and it's almost comical how they feel like they keep growing and shifting. As Mere VOs about having faith, and trust, and surviving together, the camera pans back to show her holding on to Zola, powerwalking along and asking herself, "What did I do?" Well, it seems rather obvious that the answer to that is, "Kidnapping." Well, that's certainly only going to make things go even better with Janet in the future.

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