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The Firing of Meredith Grey

Alex wakes up to an alarm but since he was kicked out of Mere's house at the end of last season, he now seems to be living in the hospital. (Again.) Not only that, he's sharing a room with an actual patient, who snores more than Alex would like. Man, when I was in the hospital no one that looked like that was sleeping in the second bed in my room, which I find to be a great pity.

Arizona and Callie arrive at work with the always-cute Sofia, and they run into Teddy who is extra gooey about how cute the baby is. Callie raises her eyebrows at this full-baby-talk Teddy and Arizona has to explain that Teddy is having sex now, so she's unnaturally happy. They all turn around when Lexie leads a group of brand-new interns down the stairs and while Callie gripes that she hates them, Teddy tells Sofia that she loves them, because they are the future, and full of promise. Even Arizona thinks this is veering into insanity and she remarks that the sex with Henry must be phenomenal. Teddy declares it's, "earth-shattering." Arizona covers Sofia's ears for "earth-shattering" but she says "sex" into her small daughter's ear nice and clearly. She might want to work on her timing for when Sofia actually starts remembering things, and especially when she reaches the fun, "repeating everything adults say" phase. I imagine that in this hospital, that could get especially risqué for a toddler. (But comedy gold for television!)

It seems to not be that long after the events of the season finale -- I'm guessing maybe a few weeks? April is practicing her Welcome from Your Chief Resident speech that she'll be delivering at some breakfast function. Unfortunately for her it sounds like the main draw for this breakfast is the rumored omelet station rather than her speech. I ask you, though, who doesn't love an omelet station? That's going to win out over most anything, really.

Mere and Cristina arrive at work with Zola and of course are laughing and happy while their estranged husbands are conveniently right there to witness the happy display. Seeing Cristina kiss a baby is way too much for Owen, who immediately takes off; Cristina sees him leave and she herself deflates and heads off the other way. Derek walks up and looks only at Zola as Mere hands her over and updates him that she slept through the night. She wants to talk but he makes a point of not once looking at her and just leaves to spend time with their daughter before he takes her to daycare. And now Meredith is unhappy too. Someone is going to have to make up with someone else or this is going to be a very long season watching all of the wounded glares everyone is constantly shooting at one another.

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