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The Firing of Meredith Grey

Danny and Susannah head out to their car, still arguing about his lack of employment and what she thinks is him not working hard enough to find a new job. But the scene ends with neither of them having any sort of catastrophic medical incident, though it surely must be coming. For some reason, they really want us to get to know and like these too, though they're trying really hard to make Susannah especially seem like a shrew.

Once at the omelet station breakfast, April gets up on a stool to make her speech but not a single person in the room listens to her as she welcomes them into their fifth and last year of residency. The breakfast seems designed for residents to mingle with the attendings and ask questions, get advice, etc. But there's a giant pan of free bacon, so it's understandable that no one is thinking about their career right now. A frustrated April sees Bailey and walks over to ask her how she does it. Bailey gives her a full tutorial on how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich (the secret is in not one, but two layers of bacon, and is now yet another reason that Bailey is the most awesome person in this hospital -- not only can she operate and put people in their place, but she can assemble a McMuffin like pro) and when April tries to get her back onto the subject of controlling her peers, Bailey shuts her right down so that she can eat in peace. Mere arrives and she and Cristina compare notes on their crappy mornings -- this which really is just a way to run down what's going on for anyone who missed the finale. (Mere messed up Derek's clinical trial and he can't forgive even though she did it for Adele; she regrets messing up the trial but doesn't regret her actions. Cristina is pregnant and wants an abortion and Owen can't forgive her for that and so he's ignoring her blah blah blah relationship discord-cakes.) The one interesting new piece of information to come out of the conversation is that Cristina hasn't actually had the abortion yet, but Owen doesn't know this on account of the ignoring. Mere asks if she's really going to do it and implies that they have been there and not actually gone through with it at least once before; Cristina asserts that she's keeping her appointment at 6 that evening. She then sees Teddy walk in and excuses herself to go suck up to her former mentor.

Jackson also has to fight for his place with his would-be attending -- he wants to work with Mark, but Mark thinks Jackson isn't good enough for the lucky role as Mark's protégé. Jackson rightly guesses that this is more about Lexie and less about his supposed ineptitude but Mark denies it. Of course, Mark undermines himself just a tad by then making it totally about Lexie again and finally asking how she is doing. Finally, a fed-up Jackson just walks away. Can we get a rule that he not wear a lab coat when he walks away? It obstructs the nice view.

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