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The Firing of Meredith Grey

In Richard's office, Meredith guesses that Derek is refusing to work with her. So maybe no time at all has passed? Wouldn't this have come up already? Regardless, that's not why she was called there. Richard tells her that the Board had a meeting that morning and thought that Richard's suspending Meredith wasn't nearly enough punishment for someone who so disgraced the hospital. Which is totally true, but yet given everything everyone gets away with on this show it wasn't going to be super surprising if Mere got off with a wrist slap. Meredith somehow doesn't get his point so he has to come out and point-blank tell her that he's very sorry, but she's fired effective immediately.

Danny and Susannah. Yet more fighting. It's hard enough watching characters in whom we are invested fight this much -- I need something horrible to happen to these guys, stat, if they are going to stay on my TV screen any longer. She is demanding that he stop the car and he yells at her that if she gets out that's it, and they are done. She gets out and stands near the front of the car, and then after a brief rumble she disappears out of view. Danny jumps out of the car to see what happened to her and he falls too, into a giant sinkhole that has opened up beneath them. Because this is TV -- and not just any TV, but Grey's Anatomy -- it's not enough to just have them fall into a suddenly-formed crater formed in a city street. No, after a moment, their car tips into the hole and finally falls in on top of them. Mere repeats the idea that one moment you can be on solid ground and then suddenly you're not. We're going super extra literal for the launch of season 8, it seems. We go to the white title screen which now includes, "Created by Shonda Rhimes."

Word of the sinkhole has made it to the hospital and Owen and Callie are gearing up to go perform an on-site amputation while the others prepare to receive tons of injured people. I'm thinking that we are just a couple weeks removed from the season finale, which means that we are just a couple of weeks since a plane crashed nearby. This is not working as a very good sales pitch for living in Seattle. Owen leaves April in charge. Mere then comes out and Cristina starts talking to her about all the head wounds that will surely be arriving but Mere angrily announces that she was fired. Alex is rewarded with a lot of pointed dirty looks at the news, but Cristina can't settle for just looks and starts punching and screaming at him. Bailey yells at April to break it up but she's of course totally ineffective, so Bailey finally grabs Cristina by the scruff of her neck and pulls her away. Alex decides to go out to the accident scene, totally ignoring April's squeaky protests that she didn't give him permission to do so. Hey April, remember when you turned out to be awesome at running traumas? Yeah, I barely do either. But let's call on some of those reserves so we don't have to suffer through more April-is-useless storylines. When an ambulance pulls up Meredith instinctively joins the other docs around the patients but Bailey shoos her away. After everyone has gone inside, Meredith is left standing alone, so very alone, in the ambulance bay. It's all so meaningful as the camera pans back and the only company she has is the flashing ambulance light. I think there's actually a chapter in the great Medical Show Bible that says that says that the best way to convey loneliness/a sense of being lost is to pan back slowly as touching music plays over a character standing alone in the ambulance bay.

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