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The Firing of Meredith Grey

Owen runs over to help Alex, and they get the kid partially dug out but he's not breathing so Alex starts mouth to mouth.

So, if I heard the words "fired effective immediately," I would probably assume this meant, well, "immediately." If a doctor is fired immediately, are they even allowed to hang around afterward, must less in scrubs? This seems rather like flirting with disaster. And it proves to be so, as Meredith is still in her scrubs, finishing up her charts (okay, so that part is responsible of her, I guess) while hanging out in what appears to be a patient's room. With a patient in it. I don't believe this scenario for a second, precisely because of what happens next. One of the interns is with the patient, and alarms start to ring by his bedside. The newbie is freaking out since it's his first day and so Meredith starts asking him questions to help him get through it. Unfortunately for the poor dude in the bed, the intern is overwhelmed and everything he answers is in the form of another question rather than his being sure about anything. Finally, Meredith gives up and goes over to listen to the guy's chest. Bailey walks by and notices the commotion just as Meredith diagnoses the guy and calls for a giant needle. Bailey immediately takes over and orders Meredith away, but Mere is hovering and yelling directions at the flustered intern who doesn't seem to understand what they mean by the confusing description, "The biggest needle you can find." Once they drain the excess air from the patient's chest cavity, Bailey admonishes the guy to call his own resident the next time something happens, which gives him an opportunity to lamely reply that he thought Meredith was a resident. Bailey informs him that she is not, and that if the patient had died the hospital and probably all of them personally could have been sued. Mere puts on her pouty face, but... come on, Meredith. You're in enough trouble already and you're a smart girl. Let's not cause more problems for the hospital. All of the actual employees there regularly do a good enough job causing problems on their own. I want to defend her (I know, I'm as surprised as you) because she had good, if intensely misguided, reasons for doing what she did in the trial. But this is just dumb and after all that, you think she'd have learned to at least be marginally more careful about her actions, especially when they don't involve someone she holds dear.

Alex and the others have somehow learned that the kid's name is Nicky, and he's pinned under what appears to be a big chunk of asphalt and is still not breathing. Alex and Owen think it could possibly be somethingcomplicatedsoundingitis that is causing his body to shut down, and that bilateral medicalsomethingotomys might help. Owen has Alex do the procedure and so Alex proceeds to slice down each forearm, relieving some sort of pressure so that Nicky's vitals come back and he wakes up, albeit in shock. Owen leaves Alex to it to get back to his dial-in amputation.

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