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The Firing of Meredith Grey

Back at the hospital, Bailey has decided they need something called a Gunther, but Richard isn't interested despite Bailey pointing out that the fifth-year residents are about to kill each other (and, let's face it, will probably take some patients down with them). He doesn't really listen because he's preoccupied with trying to find a new job for Meredith, and he tells Bailey to write a recommendation letter for her. Bailey looks at him as if he's been having a good time sampling a bunch of wares from the pharmacy, but he's dead serious. She finally spits out a very concise, well-said, oral letter that involves warning a hospital that they never want to hire someone like Meredith because she has no respect for the rules, etc., and would likely tarnish their reputation. Sincerely, Miranda Bailey. Richard is shocked at her attitude but Bailey finishes that Meredith is the reason they need a Gunther.

Mark and Jackson are taking care of Jerry, Nicky's father, and Derek is there to check out his head injuries. Jerry has a big cut across his cheek that Jackson sewed up but when Mark looks at his handiwork he exclaims over how horrifically sloppy it is and isn't interested in Jackson's lame excuses as to why. Jackson promises to fix it but when April runs up and begs for Jackson's help, Mark happily dismisses him. Once they are gone, Derek asks Mark if he's being too hard on Jackson. Ladies and gentlemen: Derek Shepherd, the most self-unaware, self-centered doctor ever to doc. Mark gripes that Derek is lucky to have Meredith as a resident and Derek replies with news of the firing. Mark asks worriedly if she's okay and Derek at least has the good grace to seem a tad sheepish when he admits he doesn't know. Jerry wakes up then, saving Derek a potential lecture, and they promise him that they will take good care of him and his son.

Nicky is brought in at that moment and Alex has already called Arizona and Derek to let them know. Supposedly a room was set up but when he asks April which one, she looks frantically at the board and admits she has no idea. She then gets angry and yells uselessly at everyone that they have to update the board. She's not new here, and Seattle Grace is no stranger to mass trauma, but she's so in over her head that keeping order via the board is all she can process, it seems. Meredith then walks up with her stack of charts and has finally found enough good sense to tell April to reassign all of her cases. Cristina walks up, drinking a bottle of water, but when April tries to give her the stack of charts Cristina refuses and adds that Mere should keep her cases. That's all well and good, but let these people who need to go under the knife at least momentarily have a doctor who actually still works for the hospital. April yells that she's Chief Resident so Cristina has to do what she says -- always an effective leadership technique. Meredith just jumps in to tell April that it's fine and she can wait.

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